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What Is IOU?

IOU seeks to reinvent the existing customer loyalty programs in a bid to offer more benefits, control, and flexibility to the merchants. Doing this will make it possible for the merchants to guarantee their clients the best possible consumer satisfaction levels. This will be in exchange for the marketing expenditures already incurred.

The loyalty system being proposed by IOU will make it possible for the business owners to build new interaction levels with their clientele. Additionally, they will also be able to provide an opportunity for their consumers to freely exchange the IOUs in their possession with other consumers.

IOU E-Commerce Benefits:

All IOU obligations will continue to build up into Flagship Blockchain Loyalty Courses for the business enterprise owners. Merchants will, consequently, have access to a competent and secure method of marketing all their special deals to consumers.

Clients can essentially become brokers for the merchants. They'll be in a position to target other buyers on the peer-to-peer exchange seeking to exchange the IOUs they possess with other consumers. That is something that depends on the worthiness and needs right now a transaction has been executed. It is a strategy that will allow business operators to catch the attention of and retain a well-balanced customer influx

Customer loyalty and retention

All IOU's obligations will be further developed into the Flagship Blockchain loyalty program for entrepreneurs. Therefore, sellers have access to an efficient and safe way to promote all their special offers to consumers.

Viral marketing

Customers are basically agents for traders. They can target other consumers on peer-to-peer exchanges to exchange the IOU they have with other consumers. This is something that will be based on the value and needs when the transaction is carried out. This is an approach that allows business operators to attract and maintain stable customer inflows.

IOU peer-to-peer exchange

This special exchange is one that is driven by market flexibility. Customers can safely purchase IOU offers from business owners with each purchase with specific conditions for promotional services or products, such as exchange requirements, limited quantities, and expiration dates.

This is a form of flexibility that might give consumers enough time to use their services or products. As an alternative, they also have enough time to exchange IOUs with those who might be interested in them in any location around the world.

IOU IOUX Token & ICO Details

Merchants will be required to pay a five percent gas fee using IOUX tokens for each and every IOU offer that is issued for clients. In return, IOUX token holders will be provided with a five percent discount as an incentive. They would also receive an additional 20 loyalty tokens every time a consumer or merchant accumulates transactional tokens totaling 1000 or more.

Post the distribution of ICO tokens

  • Public - 57.5%
  • Founder and management - 20%
  • ICO advisor and Bounty marketer - 2%
  • Company - 20.5%

Parameters of ICO

  • Total number of tokens: 800,000,000
  • 800 IOUX tokens = 1 ETH
  • Pre-ICO: 10,000,000 tokens with 40% volume bonus
  • ICO: 100,000,000 tokens (bonuses sold, bonus sales time for crowds and bonus volume)


MAR 17

Market Research

MAY 17

Feasibility Study

JUN 17

Prototype Design

JUL 17

Development Environment Setup

Start Implementing Existing Loyalty System Modules into Blockchain Environment

AUG 17

Start P2P IOU Exchange Development

SEP 17

Phase I: Module Testing and Q/A

OCT 17

Finish P2P IOU Exchange Development

NOV 17

Start Mobile Application Development

Start Phase II: Loyalty Project Development

AUG 18

Finish Phase II: Loyalty Project Development

Start Phase III: Loyalty Project Development

PRE-ICO / White-Listing

SEP 18

Start ICO / White-Listing

DEC 18

Finish ICO / White-Listing

Finish Phase III: Loyalty Project Development

Exchange Listing Initiative

JAN 19

IOU Loyalty System Testing Q/A


IOU Closed Beta Release

APR 19

IOU Beta Release

Start EMEA Marketing Expansion Campaign

JUN 19

End Beta — IOU v. 2.0 Release

AUG 19

Finish EMEA Marketing Expansion Campaign


APAC Marketing Expansion Campaign


North America / Iberia / Latin America Marketing Expansion Campaign


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