How to Get the Solution from Delays Shipping?

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I want to share my experience on the case of late delivery about the items that I ordered, a few years ago I choose the online shopping to order the stuff, besides being easy and not wasting time, the price of goods in online stores was relatively cheaper, even though the shipping costs were more expensive. However, it does not matter, because when we calculate, it is cheaper than the offline market price in the mall.

For me this is a big problem, it's not impossible that the items we ordered lost on the way, because there is no tracking system that we can get access to transparently. What if I have a company that always export or import goods on a large-scale? It is possible that the company that I have will suffer a big loss, and omit the trust of the client to my company. The worst risk is that my company will go bankrupt.

I read one good article which talks about a transparency system for shipping and tracking. There is a company called BitNautic offers the smart solution in terms of recording goods for delivery service, and it easy to check. Another interesting is BitNautic uses blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, so we don't need to worry if someone wants to manipulate the data on the shipping item, because of the transparency system.

BitNautic also has tokens which are circulating until September on this year, we can use these tokens for paying the cargo shipping, pay fees on the shipping system through brokers, and some other important.

With this background, finally BitNautic and have collaborated, BitNautic builds their company's ICO by using is a blockchain-based financial institution, and they build an exchanger platform where people can use the platform for investing and trading.

Can you imagine when there are two companies match each other, which are engaging in recording and tracking and the other is in investment and finance? So we don't have to worry about losing, and there is no need to fear that the sending items will be lost of the delays because we can track everything and all the thing will become more transparent with the blockchain system. Please check the details here


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The information shall not be taken as financial advice. I wrote this post just for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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