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The discovery of Veil has been the most beautiful thing to have happened to me in a while now seeing its potentials as a great security project that has the objectives of privacy and anonymity in all operations, what more could a user of cryptocurencies request for or have need of? This platform fits into this new generation of the blockchain and is seen as one of the latest improvements that is done or used in it. As we all know that cryptocurency have been evolving from the beginning and is still under that stage of growth that makes it completely unique and highly respected, the more it grows, the more the demand for a change in the way it is used or how their operations is being done. This project called Veil tackles the giant problem in this vast space and gives users the advantage to overcome the challenges they have been faced with without solutions and now as I discuss the solutions brought by Veil, we would all comprehend what goodness it has done in the ecosystem.


Veil acts with the appropriate functionalities and is able to meet u with the changes that has been done so far due to the fact the system evolves. It provides its solutions and ensure that the market is fully developed to accommodate all of the future plans it has to lay down. The platform is filled with remarkable technical solutions that it hasn't been able to use but will be using to improve all of its products and will serve the need of many cryptocurency network. As that is done, the market will be fully developed and the beauty of the anonymity being talked about will show.

Veil stands as an great platform that inculcate privacy into the blockchain through the perfect tech it uses. It all start from the way it handles its transactions, the technology behind it and the entire networks that form the standard community. It will have its own relevance from the technical solutions it renders and the tools it is able to use as it stands as a very astounding platform.

As the users of this platform, it allows easy connection into the community to do one or two systems that allows easy use of the features of the system provided there is an anonymous way of getting around it and getting those transcactions done using different wallet types.

The type of PoW and PoS used is also a very great Standard for the mining of cryptocurencies. It is taken to be the new style of using the system and the mining is made easy. The advanced type uses an exclusive algorithm to function and they all acts as the exclusive solutions that must be used. The algorithm X16RT is what qualifies to be used as the effective solutions that is able to easily and provide excellent solutions as the team chooses to be responsible since there would be a lot of the token to be mined and what would be attainable in a couple of years to this time.


This network provide great anonymousity and uses a great Technology that simply protects the users using tools that acts like a he solutions to the problems or difficulties that is faced within the short while before this one comes in.

The first of the components is the zerocoin components that supports the system through its ability to conceal all the transactions done with cryptocurencies. It provides that safety by the use of its coin that is under the same protocol as it is. It is considered as the pillar of this platform of which the protocol are already set in place to allow it to function well.

There is a second component that works in the system by handles a the users transaction data and ensure they are mixed together. This is done to make it hard for hackers to trace down any transaction or the initiator of such and this is a way of keeping the privacy of the network and it is considered as raising the firewall of the ecosystem.

In the Monero platform or Innovation, there was a tool used for privacy there which is the RingCT tech, this helps to keep as many signatures as possible on the operations done and sent from a platform. By doing that, it is placing so many inprints that will confuse anyone who want to trace the source of any operations. The same is used in this platform and it fosters the effectiveness of the platform.


Mainnet —

Testnet —

Mining Software

Suprminer (NVIDIA)

CryptoDredge (NVIDIA)


Wildrig (AMD)

Mining Pools









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This platform has already built its structure as it would to fit into the current market with the perfect solutions that would make it impossible others to take over from it through competition. Users will appreciate the advantages they will enjoy from its services as a distributed platform and will be able to go a long way with it into the future of cryptocurency.

Veil tokens are currently traded in the underlisted exchanges at a cheaper rate;
VINEX Network

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I saw Veil signal on Blockfolio and I was really wowwed.. Honestly, this Veil project has features more than Monero, Zcash, and other privacy coins I've come across.