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It is very difficult for the creators of contents to monitor the entire movement or chain of distrubution of their contents up until it gets to the consumers. They are only to produce them and leave the rest of the activities to be taken care of by other agents in the industry. So far, they have not seen gain as they should, there are so many problems rising against them in the sector and they demand help to overcome such problems like insecurities of their properties and the lack of a means to tokenize their products. This is what the team of a new platform called Colletrix has worked on to emerge with a perfect way out of the mess. COLLETRIX is built for the stakeholders in the IP world and will never come short of the right standard with its solutions.


After the platform has been constructed by the English owner, the company has shown that it could be the savior in the sphere, making things come back to normal once again. The industry actually has the creators of the IPs, sellers and the content users all working together and exchanging services. But the imperfect condition of the sector has affected the producer of the contents essentially so much attention and focus is given tl ensure the source is readjusted to leave no problem unsolved in the system.
The creators have had to bear loss many times they design or creat a new IP and majorly it is because they have been cheated by the sellers or because their works have been manipulated such that they don't make enough profit as they should. Piracy has gotten the best of the system and they are thriving on daily basis. This platform will cut their wings by making it difficult for them to recreate or fake original contents of creators. This will make the original content available in the market and sold until all the consumers are satisfied. This platform will also work on the price to make sure the prices of the IPs are affordable such that consumers don't get scared away by it. This platform ensure the business continues and is profitable to the members.


Original of the producers contents will be the only copy available for consumers to purchase and not otherwise. This means that the privacy policy of the contents will be put in place and people's response to that will be remarkable. The team will ensure that there is a way to verify and also achieve perfect authentication to eliminate all form of falsification that can hinder the great flow of the operations in the sector. The retail platform too will be well set and made to handle much contents from the creators. These are also part of the solutions that are introduced. The solution will constantly improve the network and provide full transparency in services such that users will be able to exchange and but products without stress at the real price and from the right location. Thw merchants will also be helpful in distributing the goods created by the producers and all of the problems from way back will be no more with what is offered.
The type of tokens used and every other feature are perfect indicators that the system is a perfect one now with no flaws and implications whatsoever. All that need to be in place will be perfected. Proper listing will be done for the coins too for users to easily purchase. The IEO is another feature is what guarantees a proper setup for the platform. The tokens are improved through this method. All the details of the token are compiled on tge exchange and to get them are made easy.



COLLETRIX is perfectly designed to overcome the real problems it has been facing from time to time. Its benefits will attract so many stakeholders to it and the industry will be restored gradually untill everything is normalized again. As that would be done, the sector would be a better place where creators will have no worries or be Ill of what might eventually happen to them or their passion to keep creating the IP.


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