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We are excited to announce our EOS Block Producer candidacy as Our international team, based in Seoul and Bangkok, has been recognized for our expertise and plans to be a validator for a number of blockchain projects. The mission is to bridge the gap between different blockchains. != eosfishrocks
Chun helped start eosfishrocks, moved on, and is now working on We are still friends and are looking forward to some friendly competition. We believe this will allow for diverse perspectives to flourish, leading to a healthier ecosystem.

If it can be done, it should be
It is still early in the game for blockchain technology. EOS' protocol and mechanism designs have not been executed at such a massive scale. It is a bold undertaking and we are inspired by and the EOS community for achieving this feat. We look forward to actively participate in the EOS ecosystem's on-chain governance, Delegated Proof-of-Stake, and computational resource based metering. We will further share our knowledge base with the global blockchain community.


Our mission is to ensure the success of the EOS ecosystem and build a decentralized future together. Bridging the gap between blockchain protocols is an important part of working towards this mission. The first step is to grow the EOS community by attracting active community members, including project teams, developers, voters, and end users.

The next step will involve supporting projects building value-adding DApps and tools. We will support teams building on the EOS platform, but also prioritize projects that collaborate with other blockchains. We strongly support interconnection efforts.

The power of the entire blockchain community combined is stronger than a single project.


As a Block Producer candidate, it is important to remember our main duty. We are here to provide security to the EOS mainnet by producing blocks in a timely manner and provide the required computing resources. This is why we are not compromising on our infrastructure and have decided to build bare metal servers. We are launching with industry-leading bare metal servers in order to allow full flexibility for future upgrades and reduce dependency on a third-party cloud provider.

Devoted to the ecosystem
The EOS mainnet is relatively young, yet the robust developer activity shows how promising the EOS ecosystem is. There is a lot of work ahead, and while we will also contribute to building tools ourselves, we realize multiple teams working together is much more powerful than one team building everything themselves.

Gifting and community building
We will keep giving back to the community. As a Block Producer, the biggest gift we can provide is knowledge, code, and time. We have already hosted multiple meetups in Bangkok and Seoul. We have welcomed and will welcome anyone willing to learn more about blockchain. We will communicate with everyone in the global blockchain community with an open mind. We will also host technical gatherings such as hackathons, and try to onboard more developers to build on blockchain protocols.

Collaboration and interconnection
We believe collaboration with other Block Producers, the EOS community, and is very important. We are always willing to talk with any project team and individual that are part of the EOS community. We are part of the decentralization movement, and working collaboratively will bring forth mainstream adoption quicker than working in silos.

Additionally, there are synergies that can be realized by linking different blockchain communities. The majority of research and tools developed can be used for multiple blockchain protocols. This is why we will support efforts to connect EOS with other protocols. Knowledge sharing and collaboration are key factors in bringing us to the next frontier of blockchain technology.

We value transparency. This is why we will show the community where our pledged block rewards are going. We will listen to the community's feedback and adjust our pledges as necessary.

Core Team

Chun Wang - CEO / CTO
Having co-founded one of the largest cryptocurrency mining pools, F2Pool, Chun is now looking to support non-PoW based blockchains. Try asking Chun about how he mined his first Bitcoin in 2011, and he will tell you all about his first custom mining rig put together from second-hand hardware. He has a keen eye for detail and will catch any typo, so beware.

Jun Soo (JK) Kim - Operations Manager
Having spent years in economic consulting, JK fell down the blockchain rabbit hole after reading on smart contract protocols. JK has been consumed by blockchain ever since and is looking to talk with all blockchain enthusiasts on the pain points in the ecosystem. He enjoys difficult challenges and will always be down to grab chocolate mousse cake.

Yuriy Kovalev - Creative Director
A professional troller and a gadget master, Yuriy has 6 years of experience working on front-end and product design. He is fighting to improve the user-friendliness of blockchain products and loves simplifying everything. Don't ask him to create anything ordinary though, as he'll never compromise on design.

Dasom Song - Marketing Lead
Well recognized in South Korea for her YouTube video series, Dasom has been passionate about creating platforms where all members of the blockchain community can share knowledge and ideas. She is our in-house branding master and will be looking to forever improve our marketing swag.

Ownership is fully owned by bitfish.

Planned Projects

We are starting with a few small projects for the EOS ecosystem while working to better understand the needs of the community and properly allocate our resources and expertise. The two things we are currently working on are:

  • Building a real-time vote tracking tool
  • Organizing and hosting EOS technical workshops and governance working groups

We will be updating the community about additional projects soon. We have a few awesome projects lined up that we are very excited about. However, we want to make sure we listen carefully and identify where we can provide the most value to the EOS ecosystem before we make public commitments. Please stay tuned!

Related Links

Website: Telegram:

Thank you for your consideration. Please follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date on new developments. Now off to interconnecting and expanding the EOS ecosystem!


Very good! I will follow for more. As an EOS user I hope to learn why I should vote for eosfish

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Very good! I will follow for more. As an EOS user I hope to learn why I should vote for eosfish

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Very good! I will follow for more. As an EOS user I hope to learn why I should vote for eosfish!

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I just resteemed your post!

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