"The lottery is mining", IP planet into a blockchain community fission artifact

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When the currency market fell into a bottleneck, it felt that the entire blockchain had become bleak. Then, a feast of strength and potential will be precious.

On August 5th, “IP Planet Product Launch Conference and Node Recruitment” was held in Beijing. IP star promoter Li Jun announced that the world's first link to the eco-community user's public chain DApp "IP Planet" will be officially launched on the 7th of this month, and launched a new game of "sweepsy is mining".


At the press conference, IP Planet Product Operation Team, IP Planet Node Representative, IPC Miner Representative, etc. were all present, and dozens of blockchain media reports such as Golden Finance, Currency World, Nuclear Finance, and Shenzhen Chain Finance, in addition, gathered The elite of all areas of the blockchain witnessed the departure of IPC Planet.

It is understood that IP Planet originated from the well-known brand public chain "IPC know the production chain", is the ecological mining pool DApp software used to link the global community users. The main function of DApp is mine mining lottery, namely mining, including but not limited to cryptocurrency, lottery, quiz, blockchain community/community, etc.; committed to global blockchain community ecological link, promote and popularize blockchain The globalization of encrypted assets.

As the "soul creator" of IP Planet, Li Jun said in the keynote speech entitled "Industry Characteristics and Pain Points, IPC Overview and Development" that IP Planet is positioned as a fission artifact in the currency circle community, and is the blockchain of "Baidu Alliance." "It can solve the problem of depletion of the currency circle, distortion of the community, and the existence of the "Wool Party".


Since it is not an ordinary thing, it naturally has its own merits. He said that the IP planet has four characteristics, that is, the prize pool is clear and fair, everyone wins, free to enter and leave, and lay (B to B to C mode). Compared with the same type of products, Li Jun believes that IP Planet is an upgraded version of the Netease Planet model. Its advantage is that it can quickly achieve community fission and enhance the secondary conversion rate.

At the same time, the IP Planet business model has been given four unique values: First, fun and fun, community users can easily participate in the lottery game, get basic rewards and a possible grand prize; Second, cost savings, excellent The blockchain project can reward more excellent community operation leaders on this platform, and can get more quality community users to participate. Third, resource sharing, through IP planet, can make more excellent project parties and high-quality community user resources. Integration, mutual benefit; Fourth, fair and reasonable, using blockchain technology to achieve multi-party credible data books for assessment contribution and welfare distribution, realizing the fairness of contributions and benefits as possible.

It is understood that in order to become the quasi-node of the IP Planet community, the applicant's Planetary Wallet account must hold 1000 IPCs above to apply for becoming a quasi-node, and retain the 30-day application period. IP Planet staff explained, "In the 30-day inspection period, if the IPC under the umbrella does not reach 100,000 IPCs, then 1000 IPC deposits will be refunded, and the application community will be invalid; if the recharge amount under the umbrella reaches 100,000 IPC and above automatically become community nodes and get community node benefits."

Then, the IP Planet Product Operation Team, the IP Planet Node Representative, and the blockchain field elites staged the stage. The scene improvised the feelings and expectations of the IP Planet product, and pushed the conference to a climax.

The following is an introduction to IP Planet Play:

1, play and rules

(1) IP Planet will conduct mining incentives in the form of participating in the lucky draw and winning the prize to obtain the intellectual property chain IPC mine reward. The reward currency is the intellectual property chain IPC; the total prize pool, 5 million IPC;

(2) Five IPCs will be given for the registration of IP Planet; five IPCs will be obtained for the recommended registration, and the unlocking will be released in the manner of participating in the lucky draw and winning (recommended registration IPC is only available for one level invitation).

  1. Participate in the mining pool lottery mechanism

(1) Each newly registered user enjoys a lucky draw experience;

(2) Continue to participate in the daily draw. You need to recharge the IPC assets to the IP Planet Wallet account in advance;

(3) If the draw is not won, you can continue to participate in the next round of draws.

  1. The winning rate mechanism

(1) Based on the total IPC of IP Planet community users, the single-day winning rate is less than 5%. The three rounds of daily rush and draw time are as follows:

The first round: open at 11:00 every day, 12:00 draw;

The second round: open at 17:00 every day, 18:00 draw;

The third round: open at 20:30 every day, and draw at 21:30;

(2) If the draw time and the number of draws are adjusted, they will be notified by notice.

4, invite users to win award rules

(1) Invite users to win prizes: get 51% of the number of winners of their next-level users; and encourage them according to the winners;

(2) How to get your own winning prizes? If you win the prize, you will be rewarded with the mine pool; you need to recharge your own Star Wallet account in advance to get it.

  1. Successfully recommend community node rights

IP Planet community users can invite recommended quality communities to become community nodes; get 5% of community node revenue.

  1. How to apply to become a community standard node?

Applicant's Planetary Wallet account must hold more than 1000 IPCs before applying to become a quasi-node and retain the 30-day application period.

  1. How to become a community node?

The number of users under the umbrella needs to maintain 100,000 IPCs and above, and continue to maintain, it will automatically become a community node; and get community node rights.

  1. Become a community node's equity

(1) Dividends from community nodes: 10% dividend incentives for the sum of the rewards of the infinite layers of the community users invited under the umbrella;

(2) The community node has an incentive to enjoy one thousandth of the total amount of money held by the community under the umbrella;

(3) The community node has 50% incentive to charge the community fee for the community under the umbrella.

9, how to upgrade to become a community super node?

Upgrade to become a community super node, the amount of recharge of the community under the umbrella needs to maintain 1 million IPC and above; and continue to maintain, it will automatically become a community super node; and obtain the rights of the super community node;

  1. Become a community super node

(1) Super node dividends: 15% dividend incentives for inviting community users to win unlimited prizes under the umbrella;

(2) The super node enjoys the incentive of 1.2% of the total amount of money held by the community users under the umbrella;

(3) The super node enjoys 60% incentive to charge the community for the community under the umbrella;

  1. IP Planet Money Requisition Requirements and Rules:

(1) Real-name certification audit (front and back of the ID card and hand-written ID card and handwritten IP planet registration date photo data upload);

(2) Daily coin withdrawal time: 09:00-23:59;

(3) Daily currency review time: 24 hours;

(4) Fees for each coin transfer: 4 pieces.

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