Community Updates No.4 — DxChain June 2018

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By the end of June, we have gathered more than 135K members in Telegram community and 25K followers on Twitter. The whole progress was a huge success, and DxChain is truly a global community. Thank you all for your participation and support!

We are finalizing the progress of June now and will issue an update for next step.


June has been a very busy month for DxChain.

I. Co-founder and Chief Scientist Wei Wang joined Blockchain Connect 2018 during June 26–27 to share some insights on the blockchain development. It was nice talking to some old friends and we are looking for more talents with strong ability and enthusiasm to join DxChain and work in a high-growth company. Please join us:

II. Our CEO & Co-founder Allan Zhang was invited to attend the SF Blockchain Meetup held at One-Piece Co-working space, with many promising projects, including QuarkChain and Celer.


III. June 27, our team members joined the Node Capital Global Meetup during the silicon valley blockchain week. CEO Allan Zhang shared DxChain’s grand vision and roadmap with blockchain investors and builders.

Blogs and Press Releases

In June, the world’s leading blockchain and technology media platforms, including Sina Finance, Sohu, Jinse Finance published articles to introduce the major innovations of DxChain, followed 36Kr, Tencent and Jiemian’s in-depth reports in May.

Jinse Finance:

This month, we published two thorough technical blogs to go deep into the consensus algorithms and explain to audiences the reason why everyone will need DxChain.

Why do we need DxChain?

An Overview of Consensus Algorithms

Airdrops and Bounties

Translation Bounty

We started a translation bounty this week to provide rewards to supporters who can help us spread the words about DxChain with their native languages. Till now, we have received 460 requests for translating our One-Pager into 16 languages. And some of the supporters emailed us and requested that we should add more languages for the bounty. We do appreciate all your support and love for DxChain, however we will not add any other languages for this bounty since the deadline of registration is tonight (July 1st PST 9 PM). Please join NOW and check the details out via this link:

YouTube Bounty

People love our YouTube Bounty! Watch a clip of DxChain’s Co-founder and Chief Scientist Wei Wang’s introduction of our revolutionary “Chains-on-chain architecture” and then earn points! It’s simple and fun!

As said before, we will end all the bounties on July 2nd anywhere on earth. Therefore, don’t miss out the last chances to earn DX tokens before the public sale!

Public Sale

Lots of people asked us about the public sale. Although we thought we might not need a public sale, we decided that we should have one for our community and supporters. We hope we can find our true believers and gather more creative talents in the bear market, and provide our supporters a chance to participate in this real game changing project. We believe that together with you and other supporters all over the world, we will make a tremendous change for the better in the world.

The details of our public sale will be announced within next week and a KYC is required for participating in public sale. Please stay tuned to updates at our news channel:

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