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Cryptocurrency exchanges provide an opportunity for everyone to buy, sell or simply trade cryptocurrency, this service is used by millions of people trusting exchanges in general, billions of dollars. However, the exchanges recently began to lose the trust of their users, the reason for this was the lack of regulation, users overwhelmingly trust their money to a group of people who are not hindered at any moment from stopping their activities with your money. Given the growing interest in the crypto market, the number of its participants increases every day, like the amount of money stored on the exchanges, in this case, it is just necessary to create an environment in which buyers, traders and other market participants can safely perform the operations they need.
TAGZ is a fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange, which will change the situation.

TAGZ - stock exchange, which is radically different from the traditional market representatives. TAGZ is a platform on which all participants have full confidence in their security, their personal data and funds, a large amount of liquidity will help to easily make the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency, but most importantly, in addition to traditional cryptocurrency trading, futures trading will also be available.
Dual Gateway Exchange (DGE)
With the increasing interest in the market, there are more and more participants on it; not only ordinary buyers are already present here, but also professional traders who earn their living by trading. The interests of these categories are completely different, but TAGZ satisfies the needs of all participants, providing the opportunity to trade both traditional cryptocurrencies and futures. Which greatly increases the value of the site.
An important point is the complete legislative regulation of the exchange, Australia gave the green light to the TAGZ project .

Shopping couples
Opportunity to bargain is key when choosing a stock exchange for a certain circle of users, some platforms in the times of a large number of active users begin to “hang” tritely, which reduces to zero the possibility of making a profit with a large market volatility. TAGZ is free from these problems.
Trading pairs for traditional cryptocurrencies on the platform will be presented as follows:

Cryptocurrency futures trading will be available for the following digital assets:

As you can see, the presented basic cryptocurrency assets that are already accepted by the community. The project policy is aimed at placing only high-quality projects that can really develop technologies and be useful to users, therefore, at the TAGZ exchange , it will be impossible to see various “sitcoins” who can lose their value at any time.

Listing new projects
For traders as a whole, no matter what kind of cryptocurrency to trade, the reliability of the exchange and the volume of trade are important to them, the more - the better. Therefore, on the TAGZ exchange , they will be comfortable.
However, ordinary users also want to buy a cryptocurrency on the exchange that they trust, because the number of available coins on TAGZ will increase. However , before listing the coin must undergo a rigorous selection and be supported by the project community.
Thus, TAGZ will become a model of the exchange, which means that scam and trading frauds are absent.

Margin Trading
Speaking of a serious exchange, which is fully regulated by law, it would be bad to believe that it will not provide its users with the possibility of margin trading.
TAGZ offers users to trade with leverage up to 200x against cryptocurrency.

Within the law
Conducting its activities in strict accordance with the norms of the law, the TAGZ exchange will be deprived of a number of familiar schemes, such as Pump / Dump, fake warrants to buy or sell, stranded trading volumes, poor security and so on.
TAGZ licensed in Australia adheres to the most stringent requirements for its platform, because users here are completely safe.
Platform Token and ICO
Exchange TAGZ has the same name token of its platform, we will release it in the amount of 500 million tokens.
During the fundraising campaign, the project intends to collect from 1,100,000USD to 7,500,000USD.
The price of one token at the stage of sale, with a discount of $ 0.0825.
The ICO campaign itself will last until June 30, at the end of which the price of the token will be equal to $ 0.1306.

TAGZ Exchange is a representative of a new stage in the development of cryptocurrency exchanges, where user safety and platform stability are at the forefront. In addition, the TAGZ Exchange offers, within the framework of one platform, the functionality that users previously had to search on two, or even on three different platforms.
Contact with the project
Site https://tagz.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tagzexchange/
Twitter https://twitter.com/tagzexchange
Telegram https://t.me/tagzexchange
Medium https://medium.com/@tagzexchange

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