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Exchanges have an important role in facilitating cryptocurrencies adoption

It is clear that cryptocurrencies have been getting more popular as the general public has started to realize their potential in improving not only how financial transactions can be done, but also how other basic aspects of any modern society are managed, like records keeping and digital content monetization.

With cryptocurrencies, it becomes easier to implement digital networks where value can be transferred in a very easy way, totally secure and without a single party acting as the only element of control thanks to blockchain’s inherent decentralization.

The advantages over the centralized ways of doing things are crystal clear, and this is why this industry is the place where a lot of investments and innovations are happening on a constant basis, there is talent the resources very present in this industry, so it is only a matter of time for great applications and platforms to be released and start taking over their respective industries, in fact, there are some popular blockchain projects already disrupting traditional industries.

Nevertheless, another important element for the success of the industry, is for there to be simple ways so all types of people can invest money in any project they might find interesting, and do it without any complication. This is where the exchanges come into action, because these companies are the ones that provide the infrastructure to facilitate the purchase of cryptocurrencies in a secure and trusted environment, while also offering experienced traders with all the tools they need so they can apply their specialized knowledge in obtaining returns by trading cryptocurrencies without suffering from any complication.

It is crucial for there to be several exchanges because offering different options to enter a particular market can guarantee there is enough supply that can match sudden increases in the demand, in this case, the availability of different exchanges in the crypto industry is positive, not only because it ensures there is a healthy dose of competition that forces the exchanges in providing the best possible platform, but also because users don’t have to rely on a single entity to do their trading activities.

However, even though exchanges are a key part in offering easy ways to make investments in several cryptocurrencies, they also suffer from several weak aspects that sometimes can make people decide not to participate in these activities, resulting in a loss of potential customers.

Main issues that are negatively affecting exchanges

Security issues

It is not a surprise for anyone to know there has been a lot of news informing the people about crypto exchanges accounts being hacked and people losing all of the money they had saved in there, with no way of recovering it. Exchanges have become the target for a lot of hackers to plan their attacks and steal money from people with crypto holdings, in fact, one of the most common security measures for the general crypto community is to not leave important holdings in the exchanges hot wallets, because the risk of losing that money is high.

This issue is extremely important, if people don’t feel safe when investing their money in cryptocurrencies, the potential growth of the industry will be reduced, and fewer resources invested means fewer innovations and less world changing ideas being developed.

Risk of having frozen accounts

Given the fact the amount of money involved in the cryptocurrency industry has been growing due to the increase in prices from recent years, there are people capable of moving very large quantities of fiat money from a crypto wallet to another different wallet, and once these movements reach a certain size, it is possible for regulations to get tighter. When this happens, there is the extremely worrisome risk of the exchange being forced to shut down their operations, leaving their client wallets literally unusable, or freezing the accounts of several users depending if the regulations apply to them or not. Either way, if the potential risk of losing money due to hacks wasn’t enough, then knowing there is the remote possibility of having the exchange wallet unusable can certainly scare off more than one person.

The exchange not having an optimal infrastructure

Exchanges need to be able to sustain periods where the activity is much higher than usual, which is something that normally happens after big price increases, in a similar way, a good exchange need to be able to have backup servers to guarantee the operations are not interrupted by potential attacks, power outages or even natural disasters. A strong and secure infrastructure is a must so users can feel safe enough to put their money into that platform.

Any exchange that wants to succeed in a market as competitive as this one, must do an exceptional job when dealing with every single issue mentioned in this section.

Luckily, there are several exchanges that enjoy having an excellent reputation thanks to the security they can offer to their users, one of them is a new and very promising European exchange named, that plans to provide the best possible experience for their traders, thanks to a number of innovative features and security measures that can potentially make them a leader in this industry.

What is is an exchange created by Paymium, a European company with years of experience with cryptocurrency commerce, and with enough knowledge regarding the best way to implement security mechanisms to offer top-notch protection to its users, Paymium hasn’t been hacked since 2013 which is very surprising taking into account there are always hackers trying to break security systems to steal money, especially in an industry as hot as this one.

Thanks to its reliability, Paymium has a great reputation and this will certainly help in gaining some traction once it starts operating in the coming months. The team at are people with a total understanding of how to make a good crypto exchange and how to develop a functional platform that can offer the best user experience.

In their plan to create an exchange with the potential to become an industry leader, they decided to offer sophisticated services and implement advanced features to attract as many traders and institutions as they can.

3 main services

Cryptocurrency exchange Source

As was already mentioned, the main function of will be to serve as an easy-to-use and totally secure platform where individual and institutional traders can have access to liquid markets so they can invest in their preferred cryptocurrency, and also to serve as a place for them to apply their trading strategies so they can earn good returns depending if their trades are profitable.

Decentralized settlement Source

As a way to leverage what decentralization makes possible, will allow its users to make transactions and settle them in a decentralized way, which increases the security and reliability of the trade, will also be compatible with the latest innovations in cryptographic protocols like "Atomic Swaps, Hashed Timelock Contract, Payment Channels, Lightning Network, Tumblebit, and RSK Sidechains." Source

Liquidity and ICO services Source is going to be more than a simple exchange, thanks to the experience this team has gained after creating and working in Paymium for years, they now have the necessary knowledge to help ICOs in their initial stage, this way, the development of other projects in the ICO stage and the strategies to market their product, can be improved by experts, and hopefully, they can end up with a successful ICO that meets everyone’s expectations and can comply with what was stipulated in their initial roadmap. Apart from this consulting service, will also have listing services for exceptional ICOs that deserve to be more recognized and financially supported.

This will help any good project out there to receive a very needed help from experts as well as the opportunity to get listed in a reputable exchange, which is one of the most difficult things to achieve for smaller and less-known projects, sometimes getting listed on an exchange is the difference between succeeding and failing, hence, the importance for to be always in search for promising ICOs and make sure they do things correctly.

Obviously, offering all of those services wouldn’t be possible without the implementation of sophisticated features that can leverage the latest innovations when it comes to exchanging cryptocurrencies.

What are features?

Ultra-Secure & Decentralized Source

It is important to know that will have a particular centralized element, its order matching engine will not be decentralized because it is much easier to handle and match orders on a centralized environment compared to a decentralized one. This is why pretends to leverage the best of both worlds; on one hand, they plan to have as much efficiency as possible when managing orders, and on the other one, they are leveraging the security that only decentralization makes possible.

One of the most interesting aspects regarding the protection of funds, is the fact that will have 98% of the cryptocurrencies in cold storage, which means, access to those funds is going to be extremely restricted, and will require the authorization of several people, besides, the private key to the cold storage is going to be divided and protected in different places as to ensure it doesn’t get leaked nor hacked.

The exchange records are also going to be periodically audited by third parties with expertise in identifying any wrongdoing in the books, these audits as well as the natural blockchain immutability, are going to be the ultimate security measures to make sure everything is done in a responsible way.

Fully Compliant & Transparent Source

With the goal of not having problems with any government, will be compliant with the law since the very beginning, as mentioned before, it is possible for exchanges to be forced to freeze clients accounts thanks to regulations that weren’t followed properly, with, problems like these ones are not going to happen thanks to the team of specialized people that are going to make sure is always following any regulatory procedure. The periodical audits mentioned in the previous point are certainly going to be very helpful in making the exchange completely transparent.

Reliable Infrastructure Source will be capable of handling intensive days when people are trading more than what they normally do, the same can be said if hackers decide to send DDoS attacks, it will also make sure all the necessary measures are taken before adding a new token to the exchange, to prevent any potential malfunctioning due to technical complications. Regarding tools for traders, will be fully compatible with state of the art protocols to speed up in a secure way, the trading activities between different cryptocurrencies. Besides, will also have different order types like “market, limit, stop loss, take profit, trailing stop orders, self-cancelling and expiration orders” Source.

In order to provide the best and most reliable service for their users, 24/7 customer support will be available since the first day, this will ensure any doubt and question coming from the users will be properly attended and answered.

Consulting services for selected ICOs and token listing Source

Every time the team at finds out about a promising ICO that is in need of help, they will provide every service that might be needed in order to improve their marketing campaigns, their strategies on how to properly receive and distribute funds, how to proceed with the development of the project, and they will also facilitate the addition of the token to the exchange. With this dynamic, everyone wins, the ICO team receives the consulting they need, gets paid thanks to providing the consulting services as well as the potential fees from users trading the ICOs token, and the industry in general also wins due to a new and promising project being supported with the resources needed so they can turn their innovative ideas into real-world applications.

Sophisticated lending mechanisms Source

In, users will be able to lend money to each other so they can leverage their positions when they are trading, this is especially useful if a person is not going to be actively trading for a few days, he might put his money available to be borrowed and earn interest by doing it. In a similar way, will also be capable of lending its own funds to traders who are in need of this service, the interests will naturally depend on how much demand there is.

Participating in the crowdsale

Right now, the crowdsale for those who want to participate in this project is currently live until October 25 2018, 6:00 AM UTC, anyone interested in using this exchange can get involved with it. To understand the benefits of this crowdsale it is important to first have a proper grasp of the token in particular. token uses

The token is named BCIO, and it will be used to automatically pay for fees when traders are doing their transactions. However, users can also cover their fees with any other accepted cryptocurrency, but only traders who are using their BCIO tokens to pay fees can enjoy certain discounts based on how many tokens they are holding. This is an example of how this will work:


Besides receiving discounts, BCIO token holders will also be able to participate in the decision-making process regarding new tokens listings, and the addition of new features for the exchange. They will cast their vote, and the larger the holdings of an individual user the more impact his vote has.

Another important benefit is the possibility of receiving rewards and airdrops from new token listings based on the amount of BCIO tokens in the user's wallet.

It is clear is doing everything they can to incentive people to invest in their token and to make it a valuable holding.

How to participate in the crowdsale?

Participating is very easy, we only need to visit the official token sale website, and click on the right where it says “Contribute”, after that we only need to follow the instructions and decide how much to invest, the official guidelines about the token sale that can be found here.

There is also a current bonus of 5% for the referrer and the referee, to receive this bonus people need to use a referral code that is equal to 100 euros or more. Besides, for those who wish to invest a minimum of 100 euros, they can receive an additional 5% bonus by using “emwinVWrVCzugXiWVP3z” as their referral code. There is no softcap because thanks to Paymium backing this exchange, it will be developed and released to the public regardless of how many tokens they manage to sell at the beginning, lastly, every unsold token is going to be burned, which means there is the possibility of the price increasing due to less future supply.

Below we can see some graphics with more information about the sale and the token.

Terms of the sale


Token allocation


Use of proceeds

Source roadmap


The team






Summary is a new exchange from Europe created by the same experienced team of people who founded Paymium. will take into account the weak points typical of crypto exchanges, and make sure to apply the necessary measures to avoid suffering from any of those issues. It will be compatible with the latest cryptographic protocols, it will completely comply with the law so as to not be forced to freeze accounts or shut downs the operations, and it will also offer sophisticated tools and services for traders and new ICO projects to allow them to take advantage of their skills and develop their potential.

All of this is the result of the experience this team has gained after years of working in the crypto industry, they are putting that knowledge to work with the goal of making one of the best exchanges there could be for crypto users.

More information can be found on the following websites: Website Token Sale Page and Details Token Sale Contribution Guide Whitepaper Medium YouTube Telegram Twitter Reddit

Feel free to share your thoughts and ask any question you might have about this project.

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