Syncfab Connects Hardware Manufacturers Directly To Buyers

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What is Syncfab

Imagine a platform where you don’t have to ask any third party to connect with the hardware manufacturer, but you have direct opportunity to ask a manufacturer what you want to know. Syncfab Blockchain based platform promises to connect buyers to hardware manufacturers via Blockchain technology. This Blockchain solution was created in 2013 and from that period started to construct an online decentralized system where buyers and manufacturers can have a direct connection together. It is the first Industrial Internet of Things Blockchain for hardware manufacturers who list their capabilities in Syncfab platform and hardware buyers get a chance to send orders directly to suppliers. Using smart contract system enables users to have guaranteed that production standards and intellectual property, payments are protected. Blockchain technology itself helps to offer effective costs and efficient work. Advantages of Hardware Innovators are plenty and among them are the chance to get cheaper quotes right from the source in high quality, making purchases and tracking on-demand, link to a network of local suppliers, protected transactions via smart contracts. Syncfab gives benefits to hardware manufacturers as well. Manufacturers will definitely appreciate the elimination of marketing costs with direct buyers, smart contract payments that are guaranteed, total control of both pricing and capabilities. Syncfab gives a unique chance to buyers to have direct contact with hardware manufacturers who will be able to supply chain processes and protect their intellectual properties.

Tips to know before buying MFG tokens

Before you enter any Blockchain platform to buy tokens, make sure to know whether this system is protected and safe or not. There are some basic tips on how you can protect yourself on the Internet from attacks and hackers. First of all try to use the tab “incognito” when visiting pages connected to token sale, afterward you may enter your Ethereum wallet and address. Incognito prevents any plugins that can get information about the owner. Remember that every crowd sale needs to be examined deeply before getting part. You should take into account the fact how many tokens you want to get, why you need the certain amount of tokens and how you are going to use them. Never buy MFG tokens in case your connection to the internet is from public wifi system. Instead of public wifi, use VPN service, it’s more protected and safe.


Due to its reliable work and new strategies that Syncfab promises to its partners, this system has already gained public and private partners which are leading and powerful players in the global market. Among them are AmaZix, KICKICO, ICO Watchdog, Smart Manufacturers innovation institute, OLSHAN LAW, BAY AREA ADVANCED MANUFACTURING, etc.

Bonus policy

MFG Public Presale started on January 1, 2018, and public supply aims to be 300,000,000 MFG tokens. MFG bonuses are available right now, and if you join presale until February 15th, you will have a chance to get 25% bonus. The main token sale will start from February 15th and starting from that day no bonuses are going to be available. Thus it’s highly recommended to join presale in order to manage receiving bonuses.

If you are interested in cooperation with Syncfab and want to know more, feel free to check and all the answers to your questions.

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Previously, such a possibility could only be dreamed of, the decision to unite the buyer and the manufacturer is a great option that the platform provides us Syncfab Thanks to it and its innovative capabilities, now the developer can have direct contact with customers.
Additional and positive aspects can be called the fact that the platform is based on the decentralized block chain. This gives the advantages of ensuring effective costs and efficient operation.
Also, the platform offers great advantages in the marketing costs and will allow you to save money.
Syncfab also has positive connections with many major players in the world market and is constantly expanding the list of cooperation. A bonus policy will not leave anyone indifferent.
Thanks, this is a great platform

the ability to ask questions to the manufacturer without the participation of third parties is something incredible. The platform Syncfab has made a big step forward, allowing ordinary buyers to learn information from the "first persons" that is directly from the manufacturer, and most importantly, as the manufacturer benefits from this. The first priority in my opinion is financial, this allows you to reduce the costs that went to different third parties.
I like and the fact that Syncfab closely cooperate with major international players, it shows that the platform has proved itself as a reliable partner, which is ready to trust the big players.
Naturally, and the fact that it is completely decentralized. All the advantages of decentralization are familiar to everyone, but they should not be forgotten.
I like and the functionality that the platform provides, that would feel it and find out even more you need to visit the platform site. I'm sure you will not regret it.

The platform that unites the manufacturer and the buyer deserves special attention. There is no such platform in my opinion. Syncfab This is an innovative decentralized platform, which has its own coins MFG.
The very possibility that now any consumer can directly contact the manufacturer and ask the question that interests him, it's cool.
The list of partners is also attentive, I see so many well-known companies among partners. It is respectful that the platform was able to gain recognition from such major players.
Feel free to visit the platform site to learn more useful information.
Thank you @danizaharie

This is amazing project the MFG token is a utility token used on the SyncFab platfrom to reward purchasers and manufacturers, make payments, protect intellectual properties, promote trust and transparency through the execution of smart contracts on the blockchain

I was looking this ICO last weekend, and I find it very interesting thanks their collaboration between industrial manufacturers and government initiatives in California to improve innovation and development. With this public-private partnerships, SyncFab has solid foundation for a success.
One of my favorite with WePower ...

It's really a good platform for customers to contact the manufacturers directly when they are not able to communicate directly, so the benefits will be benefited by the manufacturers as well, so I think the manufacturers will benefit.

No thirds parties ia always a win. Having a direct contact has always been more reliable for me. I admit that the 25% bonus sounds's luring me!

Hmm, I've never actually considered using "Incognito" when accessing my wallets and so on. That's a good tip for me and I'll be doing that from now on, because losing my coins for being insecure would really suck. And using public wifi is definitely not a good idea, if you want to keep your coins away from hackers.

I myself has been a subject of attacks. I was recently victimized as I was selling some percentage of bitcoin to someone in Kenya which went successful, but ended up losing approximately 80USD when I checked my account balance. I got hurt as i was broke at the time. And ever since, I've not done any exchange fearing I might be victimized again.
With this new knowledge on incognito, i believe I'll be safer this time. Let me read more about it to get to know all the details on how to use it.
Thanks @danizaharie

I had not heard before. It's very remarkable. I'm going to the link you gave me now. I will do some research. After that I decide. Thank you for telling me about this. @danizaharie

Thank you for sharing! Be sure to join

it sounds like a really interesting platform to part of am so exited the fact that there are no middle ment makes it worth while.

great post i like it ..... thanks for shareing

Wow man very good your post I like it 👏👍


Oh.Really helpful and informal post.Thanks for sharing @danizaharie
100% upvote and resteem done.

How can this Syncfab technology bring changes?

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great postings
Thank you for the info
You are very detailed in explaining it

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