Transforming the online advertising through the blockchain

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Aren’t you already tired of continually seeing irrelevant ads, pop-ups and being redirected to all sort of commercials? Have you felt like the free apps/no registration websites that you use are actually of almost no use, because of their low-quality content? Are you sick of the scandals concerning data privacy and the way large corporations trade and use the information of millions of internet users?

Prepare to discover an extraordinary solution - a platform that reshapes the online content industry by providing means for the ordinary users to be incentives for the time and the involvement on certain websites/apps:

Introducing Media Protocol

Discover a blockchain platform that manages to transform all online content into Smart URLs and create an ecosystem where brands, publishers and consumers operate with tokens. Here, individuals can find the relevant content they seek, can be part of a vibrant community be continually being repaid for their day-to-day actions within the platform: reading, watching or sharing all sorts of materials.

A quick glance at the mechanism and the interactions within the protocol

To have a better understanding of how can the MEDIA Protocol be used by individuals or create a foundation for future projects, developers have created a prototype application named Crypto Catnip. Think of the four main actors and components that are part of this app - users, the mobile application, blockchain and URLs. Almost everything between these four elements operates in a double direction: URLs (content that is registered in this network and transformed into Smart URLs) are the fuel of this platform, being available as online content, anywhere, anytime; the app displays relevant content of various types to the user; individuals interact with the respective content by reading, liking, commenting or sharing the materials they find useful; the entire set of actions that are executed inside the app are stored, tracked and evaluated on the blockchain (also, the blockchain is the primary vehicle for the Media Protocol utility tokens).

The MEDIA tokens

The economy of this protocol is based on a two-way token interaction; content promoters and content consumers are the main actors that will maintain this constant process. In a nutshell, the Media Protocol tokens are needed to repay customers for their involvement, on the one hand; these coins can be kept or exchanged on various exchange platforms - these create a particular supply. If users choose to store the tokens they have been receiving; they will enjoy a series of benefits (through gamification techniques).

On the other hand, customers need to send tokens to the publishers they find relevant/attractive, to get access to the content they appreciate (these payments are paywall fees and tips).
Nonetheless, promoters/publishers can use these tokens for all sorts of ad campaigns.
Want to learn more? Visit the official Media Protocol website at find out all about the token sale, the community presale; also, feel free to download the latest whitepaper.


CryptoCatnip is the first dApp to incorporate MEDIA Protocol. It demonstrates a model of content distribution with compelling advantages for publishes and consumers.

I was using their beta app as long as there was no unclarity about payouts to the testers. And than the team started to wiggle with their explanation on will there be any payouts or not. Idea is great. The team lacks some business ethics yet i would say.

Watching the growth of technology and steem and its blockchain and related tools and programs is fascinating. I'm still working to wrap my head around what exactly this will do but I can't wait to see where it goes!

Thanks @danizaharie..
Much appreciations to the developers of the media protocol. Atleast, users can get rid of unwanted ads and pop-ups.
I'm following you @danizaharie and would love to read more of your posts..

Smart Media Tokens is a new way for publishers to monetize their online content and community, based on battle-tested blockchain technology.

A Smart Media Token (SMT) is a native digital asset on the Steem blockchain that can be quickly launched by anyone to help monetize online content and create incentives to encourage desired user behavior.

@danizaharie MEDIA PROTOCOL is building a new era of internet where everyone can benefit from reading valid contents with appropriate videos. It will be a great help for each individual.What do you say?

Sounds like one for the future, and the future is now. I see it taking over the advertising space in a few short years

Hi daniza
How are you ?
You see many few days . Smar Media Token (SMT) this is a new side on cryptocurrency and blockchain . I am heard first time this side name . I hope this side is helpful for all stemians .

Thanks for sharing @danizaharie

MEDIA Protocol is a smart contract that turns any URL into a blockchain wallet where funds can be distributed to consumers based on how they interact with the content URL. This creates a new Audience Economy based on the value of each participant’s contribution to the success of a piece of content in their network. Benefits to Customers • Participate in a transparent economy around the content that you interact with.

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