CryptoPepes - Breed, Mine, Fight or Trade!

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The rate at which the gaming industry is growing, revenue wise is quite puzzling, at least to those who do not know it to be beyond recreation !. The industry is likely to be worth about $138 billion dollars at the end of the year, but who knows ? It could be well above that as blockchain ushers the gaming world to a new world of endless possibilities.

Introducing ......



Cryptopepe is a blockchain based game built on ethereum platform. Cryptopepes will allow players breed, mine, fight, collect and trade pepes on the platform.

These pepes are distinct and unique from one other, possessing diverse characteristic features that clearly differentiates them from other pepes. User's pepes are afforded maximum security as they are safely locked in a custom developed wallet.


Pepes can reproduce, just like living creatures ! The newly formed pepes inherit traits from parent traits so if you're looking out for certain characteristics, you should know how to cross breed your pepes. Generally, rarely developed characteristics are the most valuable.


On the platform, players can slug it out in a Pepe battle with other players in a show of strength. You think strength is in your DNA? Bring your pepes to the battle field !
This feature will be made available in Q3 2018, according to the developmental roadmap.


By providing computational and processing power from your computer during the Cryptopepes rat race, you can earn PEP tokens and Gen O Cryptopepes which are a rare specie limited to only 1100."Every 8 minutes a miner gets rewarded 2500PEP tokens and every 16th block a miner will also get a GEN 0 CryptoPepe".



The PEPCHAIN is fueled by the Delegated Proof Of Stake (DPOS) concensus mechanism or governance model that allows participants influence decision making . PEPCHAIN is expected to process transactions about 3times faster than Ethereum mainnet and may even scale higher in the future .


The success of cryptopepes will welcome the gaming world to key into the benefits of the blockchain and as such, popularise the game as one of it's early adopters. Until then, mine, breed and battle !.

To learn more about Cryptopepes, visit the website or join the conversation on Telegram. Also, feel free to ask any questions on this project in the comment section below .

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TY for the heads up. There will be a lot of these crypto collectibles. Have you heard of Steem Monsters?


No I haven't heard of Steem monsters. What's it about ?


Showed up on my hub. Probably because I have Steem Plus.