What Is Vibe Cryptocurrency (VIBE) | Is It Worth Investing In 2018?

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Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly holds the key to the future. Every single day, we're being aware of a new technology based on Blockchain aiming to make our lives easier. Among all the futuristic technologies, there is one which we might be using in our daily lives soon enough. That technology is Virtual Reality. 

Virtual Reality is already being used by general population at some level but still the widespread use has yet to come. VIBE is a Blockchain project based on Virtual Reality. Its main focus is to disrupt the Live concerts with the introduction of Virtual Concerts. 

Let's have a look at VIBE project in details:

What Is VIBE ?

VIBE is Blockchain based project which is focused on creating Virtual Live concerts by using Virtual Reality Technology. Now, let's assume that your favorite concert has been live in your city but due to some unforseen circumstances you're not able to attend it. What option would you have then?

Generally, you'll have to watch your favorite concert on T.V. but this when VIBE comes into picture. VIBE will help bring you the Live Virtual Concert to your VR headset in real-time without you having need to get-up from your bed and go to watch Live concert. 

Of course, you won't get the same experience which you'll get in LIVE concert. But without leaving your home to watch your favorite concert LIVE in Virtual reality, you'll love it. 

How Does VIBE Work?

VIBE is using some proprietary technology named VIBEHub to transform real-life people into holograms which is something called 'Holoportation' , a technology developed by Microsoft. The those Holograms will be sent over to VR headsets of various users who subscribed for that particular concert, classes or lesson. 

VIBE project is focused on providing Concerts, Lessons, Live Tutions, Seminars and much more via VR technology. These concerts have no touring or booking costs, and have unlimited potential when it comes to their audience. What really makes VIBE different and interesting is how it is able not only to project real-life human beings into holograms, but to also place these holograms in their own custom environments, a.k.a. hubs.

If we look at some Statistics, then VR/AR Technology market capitalisation sits at around $20 Billion and if we believe Analysts predictions, then this market can cross $160 Billion by the year 2020. If VIBE is to share a part of VR market capitalisation in near future, then surely VIBE's future is not only bright but full of promises. 

VIBE Token

VIBE token is the in-built currency of VIBE's project. This token will be needed to receive transmission on VR headsets. Currently, it is an ERC20 based token which doesn't scale very well with high amount of transactions and that's why VIBE's team is planning some off chain solutions for it. May be they'll transfer their tokens on IOTA. 

VIBE token is available on Binance, HitBTC crypto exchange.

VIBE Token Market Statistics

As we can see above, VIBE has market capitalisation of $32.4 Million with a total supply of mere 267 Million tokens. 

Current price per token : $0.16


Well, VIBE is certainly a solid project and one of its kind. They have a solid team and their vision is, to disrupt or should I say, to use a Billion dollar market to capitalize profits. Although, their main problem would be gaining more and more users/consumers. 

We all are aware that VR headsets are not cheap and not everyone can afford them. May be, in time, they'll become common or economical. But until then VIBE would have a hard time to gain some loyal followers. 

But for the project, a solid Thumbs-up. They have zero competitor at the moment and have lots of updates in this year. If you're a long term investor, give a serious look to this project but only after reading their whitepaper. 

Thanks for reading ...!!

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Sounds like an interesting project.
Cellphone-based VR Headsets are not so expensive, that could be an option to penetrate the market faster