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Hi guys! Investing or trading? Holding or selling? These are the often questions to encounter on BitcoinTalk forum. If you have some “free” money and have an idea to invest it, this article will be of use for you as many people who are new at investing strive to do everything wisely – and that makes sense. Today I will tell you about the project of a company with a proved reputation on the market and a large client base – Fast Invest. The Fast Invest team strives to leverage the blockchain technology to eliminate the existing restrictions in the banking and investing sphere.

The team of Fast Invest strives to create a system for providing banking services, primarily to improve investment services. The main goal is to help people create more reliable and stable flows of passive income to achieve financial freedom. Investment solutions will differ from the traditional ones, but most importantly they will be characterized by considerably simplified operations without bureaucratic procedures, hidden fees for financial transactions, purchase of goods or services, maintenance of accounts. The Fast Invest platform offers all the advantages for the customers, provided by the blockchain: small transaction costs, high processing speed, the possibility of transactions both in crypto and fiat currencies, ease of use even for people without technical knowledge of blockchain and crypto technologies. Thus, the team strives to maintain the highest level of service in the financial sector.
So, what distinguishes the Fast Invest platform on the blockchain market? It is planned to combine such functions as peer-to-peer investing, decentralized lending, an electronic wallet for storing up to 8 different currencies and a currency exchange, providing its services around the clock and without days off, regardless of your location. In addition, after fund raising, the developers team will add such opportunities for individuals and legal entities, as loans and premium payment cards. To use the account for Fast Invest’s crypto currency operations, special FIT tokens will be needed (the minimum quantity is 1000 tokens).
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Ubiquitous access to the platform can be obtained through applications for mobile devices on iOS and Android. We already know that the rate of mobile Internet users gets higher and higher every year. Thanks to the mobile app users will be able to get real-time online support; get notifications about the account activity; conduct free crypto and fiat transfers worldwide. One of the most important features of the platform will be increased security, data protection and transparency of transactions. For example, nowadays the module for tracking suspicious activities is being integrated into the solution.
Some benefits for customers are as follows: ability to use different currencies on the same platform (up to eight); all financial transactions are available from one profile; user-friendly interface; full analytical data on transactions and other activities; unconditional security of personal data and transaction data; the principle of closed community (of FIT tokens holders); free transfers of crypto and fiat currency to other users of Fast Invest. The platform provides the opportunity for two types of investments: investing in crypto-currencies and crypto-proved loan investment. With the help of the latter it is possible to obtain a loan in the fiat with the retention of its amount of bitcoins or ether (cryptocurrency as a security deposit), thus creating a passive income. In addition, I can’t but mention the benefits of investing in Fast Invest compared to savings deposits in traditional banks. Some advantages of P2P lending in comparison with conventional banking are as follows: loans for any purpose; no need of identification; everything is accessible online; no hidden fees; real-time processes.
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Fast Invest smart profit calculator
Thus, the new platform provides many opportunities for crypto-investors, who can benefit from many opportunities which are closed for the traditional investors. Of course, the main benefits are higher income and security (thanks to the BuyBack function), but also much more diverse investment opportunities – all on the same platform, no need for client identification (which promotes anonymization) and the ability to work with both crypto and fiat currencies.
In order to raise funds for expanding the services portfolio and platform development, the tem launches the ICO ending January 31. You can support the project and buy 1000 FIT tokens for 1 ETH. The team expects the release of FIT tokens on large crypto exchanges immediately after the end of the ICO. To support the project, you can also take part in the variety of the bounty campaigns, see the links below for terms.
Useful links:
Website: https://www.fastinvest.com
Whitepaper: https://fastinvest.com/documents/fast-invest-whitepaper.pdf
BCT Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2515633.0
Email: [email protected]
Medium: https://medium.com/@fastinvest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FASTINVEST_COM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fastinvest/
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HQ8U2xFlDDyYN1WVF6YO9g

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