Foreseeing the Development of Autonomous Vehicles Technologies with DAV Network

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  Hi guys! Remember the first time you watched “The Fifth Element”? Those flying cars, for sure, blew your minds! Finally, 20 years passed, and the mankind is taking serious steps for implementing this into reality. Autonomization of transport is already something that can barely surprise a technical enthusiast, but what about autonomous flying vehicles? Just imagine, this year the release of the first passenger drones intended for rescue operations was announced. Flying taxis with Bruce Willis as a driver are not long to be awaited! More and more new technologies drive the intensive development in this sphere. At the same time, there are many issues concerning safety, programming, refueling of such vehicles. Fortunately, some leading companies are already looking for answers to them. One of them will be reviewed in this article.
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From phantasies to reality coming soon! (Photo credit

  The DAV (Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles) project team understands that for the optimal development of unmanned vehicles and their implementation in the daily lives of the world's population, tools are needed to ensure the safe and reliable operation of such vehicles. These tools should be developed now, in parallel with the improvement of technologies in this area. In connection with this idea, the team proposes to create a single network – a database for autonomous transport and related services, through which users could find and hire a car or a drone in their locality for the passage or delivery of goods, learn about the location of the nearest gas station and immediately pay for services using a special network token. Thus, with the help of this network, it is possible to provide a smooth transition from manned transport services to the use of fully autonomous vehicles.

  The massive spread of autonomous transport will change the ways of life of millions of families in the world. The average family will no longer need to buy a car. That’s because one will be able call the car with a smartphone at any time. Accordingly, the car maintenance cost will be reduced – the cost of calling a car on demand will be much less. And in the situation of the changing opportunities, the DAV network will become the point of connection between gas stations, parking spaces, repair stations, car washes, vehicles and users through a special protocol. To realize this idea, the team decided to take advantage of decentralization, which will help drive the development of autonomous transport from purely commercial organizations to the common market. By the way, do not think that blockchain technology is far from the automotive industry, the giant corporations in this area have already launched some projects for the introduction and testing of blockchain technology on their cars. This will contribute to an even more rapid development of the industry. Thanks to decentralization, more opportunities will be created for cooperation and knowledge sharing, new faces will appear on the arena. After all, it is planned that the DAV platform will be not just a point of contact, but also a place for the embodiment of the ideas of developers, whose connection to the network is very welcome. To my mind, this is a real leap forward which will make the progress closer in a decade!
  Of course, such a global project requires relevant investments. In this case, the DAV Network team turns to the crowdfunding and launches ICO aiming at creating the community of supporters. The token sale starts June, 11 and will last till June, 25. If you are interested, I strictly recommend reading the whitepaper for technical details and passing the KYC for the whitelist. In my opinion, the idea is really unique (never noticed by me on the blockchain market); it could mean that the project has almost no competitors in this industry.
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DAV Network fundraising goals

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