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The prominence of the cryptocurrency space started with arrival of Bitcoin which created opportunity for peer to peer transactions and other useful functionalities that continues to disrupt many global sectors and traditional financial services.
Furthermore, innovative and incredible solutions presented by blockchain products and services supports the rapid flexibility and growth of the cryptocurrency community. At present, DeFi also known as Decentralized Finance is another innovative solution that is trending worldwide.
In simple sense, Decentralized Finance involves merging traditional banking services with decentralized technologies like cryptocurrencies and Dapps (Decentralized Applications). Decentralized Finance can be observed to be in it'e infant stage, however it runs on smart contracts independently built around Ethereum blockchain and it comes with specific objectives to improve investors profits through leverage of automated smart contracts. Therefore, DeFi maximizes yields for investors and invested assets without complications.
Basically, Decentralized Finance is aiming to enhance principles of self sufficiency through introducing a financial system that is accessible and trustless. With this trustless functionality, everyone can easily control their assets and investments without third-party interference.
Also, Decentralized Finance brings about enhanced transparency and reliability in comparison to centralized financial systems. Thus, DeFi with it's functionalities creates medium for massive progression and development of new concept in the crypto sphere.
Today, new startups like DEGO has adopted Decentralized Finance model (DeFi) to help users capitalize on the booming cryptocurrency market. DEGO is developed as a DeFi based innovation but it will operate with a concept that is different from competitors and highly favorable for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.


Recently, the cryptocurrency space is being filled with many DeFi based investments innovations which continues to attract massive number of cryptocurrency users and investors. However, some challenges restrains cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts from fully exploring every available opportunity in the DeFi space.
A team of talented persons has ensured that solution to latter issues lies in the DEGO platform which is made available to users globally. DEGO has been designed to leverage a modular combination concept, wherein combination of various features of a product or service offers a readily available subsystem with specific functionality and performance. Thus, DEGO can be described as LEGO in the DeFi space such that each product is created as a module and merged with different modules to introduce a new product.
In DEGO ecosystem, each DeFi protocol is regarded as a brick which remains ordinary such as DEX ( like Uniswap and Balancer), stable coin like DAI , Insurances (such as Nexus Mutual ) and so on.
Development of a new Dapp around these protocols or bricks inadvertently creates endless possibilities which augments DeFi value, introduces diversified investment portfolios and gives out better financial returns on investments to users.
The arrival of DeFi also brought about a greater innovation for profit generation known as Liquidity mining or Yield farming. Yield farming provides good returns unlike traditional finances however, it does comes with a compelling disadvantage. In yield farming, vast assets holders are able to claim huge amounts of Liquidity rewards while small assets owners are left to share miniscule fraction of rewards which is unsatisfactory and unsustainable.
Nevertheless, DEGO aims to address this shortcoming in current DeFi world through it's available Liquidity mining with algorithmic adjustment feature. The mining power is built to function according to set of deterministic algorithms for liquidity mining that converts Liquidity Providers token (LP token) allocated by users into hash rate which generates fair earnings for all participants.

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As earlier stated, DEGO is the LEGO of DeFi space which offers new possibilities that is unrivaled by other DeFi competitors. Thus, DEGO gives every user capability to explore benefits of mature DeFi products at their best interest and earn sufficiently unlike current DeFi system.

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