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Nowadays, Crypto bounties serve as a competent marketing tool to help companies acquire better exposure and brand recognition. Thus, numerous existing and new projects are adopting this innovative solution to maximize awareness for their products and services.
Before going further, let's understand what Crypto Bounty means?! Bounty program is an offer made available by blockchain based startups to reward participants also known as bounty hunters for performing various tasks to improve and promote their products and services globally. These compensation are given in form of trademark tokens, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Fiat for successful completion of assigned tasks.
Despite popularity of crypto bounties, some people have difficulty understanding the difference between Airdrops and Bounties. Nevertheless, both Airdrops and Bounty share a similar trait that demands participants to complete certain tasks in exchange for receiving rewards but some nuances exist to distinguish both terms.
Firstly, Bounty task requires repetitive actions while Airdrops involves a onetime activity in a task. Moreover, Airdrops does not not require any type of specific skill to given tasks but Bounties demand certain skills, time and well placed efforts in comparison to Airdrops.
From the above statements, anyone can easily understand the differences between Airdrops and Crypto Bounty.
In the Crypto space, there are numerous bounty programs, wherein crypto enthusiasts are welcome to participate and earn substantial incentives. Most companies often hire bounty campaign managers to list their bounty on relevant forums as well announce the campaigns on social medias which attracts attention of participants referred to as "bounty hunters".
However, most of these existing bounty campaigns are noticed to be garbage, hence it is advisable for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to research properly and understand every detail about a project and released bounties before engaging in it.
Bounty Detective is a bounty management firm that detects authentic bounties as well publish them for crypto enthusiasts to earn tons of money. The firm operates actively through hardwork and dedication of it's talented team members.
Bounty Detective firm appropriately engages their community through official channels like Telegram, YouTube etc which is moderated to ensure audience's issues and technical questions are answered or solved. Furthermore, Bounty detective vast array of services and streamlined strategies is available to handle hassles of emerging startups, ensuring their product and services is published across the world through bounty campaigns taken up by verified participants.
Also, the team put more efforts in regularly monitoring bounty hunters to eliminate loopholes for lousy works which assures campaigns to perform at it's best. With Bounty Detective, participants can navigate and choose campaign options that is best suited to their skill for successful completion of tasks. For example ;

  • Translation Campaign : In this campaign, bounty hunters are rewarded for translating companies websites, whitepaper and other contents.

  • Twitter, Facebook And LinkedIn campaign : As the name implies, participants are required to sufficiently complete social media tasks like posting, reposting, liking and sharing content related to companies in order to receive rewards.

  • Blog or Video Campaign : This campaign demands participants to either write a blog post or create a video related to startups or companies.

There are other types of bounty campaigns made available by Bounty Detective and payments from successfully completing tasks is guaranteed and paid on appropriate time to qualified bounty hunters.
In conclusion, Bounty Detective provides good opportunity for fresh and existing start-ups to build a better customer base by presenting their services and products to a global audience through bounty campaign engagement by verified bounty hunters. Also, participants can explore Bounty Detective trusted services to obtain satisfactory rewards from completing bounty tasks from the comfort of their homes and geographical locations.

For more information;

Telegram Community : https://t.me/BountyDetective

Telegram-channel: https://t.me/Bounty

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AirdropDet

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjHCBRwt8I7ikK3OZWQTekQ

BTT Username : Johnson Knight

BTT Profile URL : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2326370;sa=summary

Proof of Authentication Link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5281562.msg55399003#msg55399003


From this article, I understand that Bounty Detective is reliable and transparent in their works . I will check them out.
Thanks for sharing.

Yes, they are reliable and trusted. Several crypto bounties launched by companies have been published by them and bounty hunters received payments from their completed tasks on due time.

Nice write up buddy!! Very informative

Thanks for reading..

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