Blockchain Technology to fix the Internet's Security Flaw

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The internet, as we know it, can really be denoted as a massive data transport protocol due to its uncanny ability to convey and transfer large arrays of information throughout the entire network chain.

The Blockchain technology is going to provide an addition to the entire equation by expanding upon the security aspect of the data transport protocol, which really seems to be one of the main shortfalls the system currently experiences.

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The internet is currently only fulfilling a small facet of its full potential due to this security flaw. With Blockchain technologies becoming more and more popular, this will all be fixed, which will allow for the internet to reach its maximum potential.

Security is going to become 5x or even 10x greater, which, in turn will have a positive impact on every industry that we know today. The Blockchain is by far one of the most revolutionary aspects of the financial services industry and will likely take the place of the internet as we currently know it to be.

What are your thoughts on Blockchain techologies? What might a shared database technology mean for the financial system as a whole? What about the relationship with the government?

Share your thoughts and spark some discussion below in the comments section!!

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