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The primary reason behind the launch of cryptocurrencies (as enshrined in Bitcoin’s philosophies) is to create a borderless, peer, and fast medium for remitting money. Nowadays, many of these digital assets rely on the dedicated fundraising processes (Initial Coin Offering and Initial Exchange Offering) to attract the first batch of investors. It doesn’t come as a surprise that a newer fundraising model (Initial Model Offering) has been launched to cater to the needs of investors who may have had it rough with ICO and IEO. It is in the light of it that you want to know the reasons why Initial Model Offering (IMO) is a better medium for investing in digital assets.

1. Longer Pre-Sales

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or investing in digital assets using Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). What matters is that you are making the investments during the pre-sale or initial phase/funding phase of the project. During that period, the costs of investments are touted to be low, just as investors can buy as many digital assets they need.

Contrary to that perception, the ICO and the IEO models aren’t as favourable as touted. For instance, the pre-sale periods are limited to a few months.

Instead, Initial Model Offering (IMO) opened the door further for the pre-sale periods to run up to a year. This is part of the efforts to ensure that more investors come in during the funding phases.

2. Lower Investments

Have you always wanted to acquire hundreds of digital assets during ICO and IEO but you got dissuaded by the higher amounts needed to invest? That has been the tales of many digital asset investors who have through that medium, been cut off from further participation.

You can now take a fresh breath because IMO is restoring back confidence in the pre-sale and early phase of digital asset investment. In this instance, investors are allowed to acquire the assets with as little as $0.0003. You would agree that it is an excellent way of acquiring as many digital assets as you need during the Initial Model Offering (IMO) process.

3. Maximum Investment

Of course, when investments are given the opportunity to come in with few amounts of money, it is very possible that they would be in a race to outshine the others. That also arrogates more financial powers to the whales (financially buoyant investors) who would like to buy as many assets as possible to the detriment of the other investors with few amounts of money to invest.

It is for that reason that Initial Model Offering (IMO) placed maximum investment of $1,000. Once investors purchase or acquire digital assets up to that amount, they would be automatically stopped from acquiring more. That gives room for other investors to purchase theirs too.


Initial Model Offering (IMO) presents an opportunity that we cannot rule out of the equation. As far as digital assets are concerned, it is important to get the early batch investors through the fundraising campaign. With IMO now kicking hard, there is no doubt that the next generation of digital asset funding has begun!


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