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Blockchain:The Rise of a Non-Competitive Society and the Importance of "Importance"

My next post is called "Is the blockchain the new Global City" and will deal with the problem of the construction of the post-scarcity and post-truth Era to integrate a model of a myriad of small communities or "critical-groups" of blockchained citizens, that want to exercise their Influence and "Importance".

"Humanity is a pile of Errors and Evolution is made by people with the capacity to recognize the fallibility of their own thinking." - charlie777pt

This post is still supported with the vision of Yona Friedman about the rise of the most important utopia of our times, that for now, is just a Dystopian romantic dream of a non-competitive society and is still far away from becoming a realizable utopia.
First we are going to set the first and only rule for the emergence of a non-competitive society.
"Eliminate all false Scarcity (of natural or artificial objects)"

A non-competitive society is the one that denies false scarcity because it generates artificial attention of a need that didn't exist before, and creates the conditions for the fight for survival by individuals and fight for Power of ownership or precedence to access objects.

The condition to have an equalitarian relation between people is an abundance of objects (possessions) that equals the number of people's need to survive and prevent the fight for survival and the existence of Power to control that false scarcity of things.
False created needs for objects we don't need for survival, is made important by the false scarcity like for example "social status".
When there is an abundance of objects there is no fight for survival or power to assume control or precedence.

In theory everybody with a minimum conscience of reality and justice (because justice means equality) can sense the need for the emergence of this still idyllic and not realized utopia.
In practice we can't see it manifested, because the rise is still latent waiting for the genesis in the human consciousness of the most innovative social paradigm of the era of post-scarcity and post-truth.
We will try to analyze and predict the possible dimensions (of people and objects ), the means to achieve the still standing biggest revolution of our times, as well as the obstacles that are holding this latent state that can explode at any time during our lives.

As we could see in my last post Can Steemit attention-economy be a "non-competitive" society?, the induced "false scarcity" creates artificial attention for objects and generate the fight for survival and the rise of forces that try to assume power (i.e. Monsanto, Syngenta).
This false "pseudo-artificial attention" in relation to objects, introduces the fight and competition even if before there was enough objects abundant in the natural state (natural seeds and fertilizers and biologic insecticides).

Even War and country economic confrontation in peace times, are permanently a struggle for maintaining artificial scarcity and fight for power of control or precedence in the access to the markets.
Mass media is the stage for creation of artificial scarcity based in
false desire, fake attention and superfluous needs.
Artificial generated scarcity is the only factor holding the disruption of a non-competitive society, with equal rights in the access of man2man, and free from the influence of the shadow of world of objects that do no allow to create equality in the relation of "human2human2objects".

1- The laws of a non-competitive society

To live in a total equalitarian society is only possible if:
(i) - It grants easy access to continuous feedback of the social situation of any member inside of that society(Reputation or Attention feedback).
(ii) - Eliminate all induced false scarcity.
So the non-competitive society happens if there is no fight for survival or for precedence on the access to objects.
But we have a first obstacle here:

Does rage and normal human aggressive behavior of the species vanish or disappear?
No fights inside one group means that aggression has disappeared?
The answer is aggression is reflected or deflected towards the outside different communities.
Non -competitive groups are usually very aggressive in relation to others (from outside or other communities), as a translocation of this behavior created by a ditch of ideological "distance" they feel in relation to competitive groups by blocking or reducing the frequency of contacts.
To refuse internal conflicts and fights between members of the groups create mythologies as intuitive theories for that anti-fight-status.

Laws of a Non-Competitive Society

2 - Envisioning a Non-competitive group

Lets try to describe the characteristics of this groups :
a)- A non-competitive group exist only if we have a natural or artificially generated equilibrium between the number of objects needed for survival and the number of man
This groups emerge usually if there are natural conditions (idyllic society) or by members from very advanced societies that are tired an dissatisfied with the wheels of industry and savage capitalism system based in artificially induced scarcity to consubstantiate in Power and control of wealth.

b) - Non-competitive groups must be equalitarian in the exchange of influences between all.
I can see some limitations here in individual capabilities to maintain communication with unlimited people and objects. The number of people is limited by the numbers of the " Critical group."

c)- To be equalitarian a group must have a limited number of people (critical-group) to keep influences balanced and the total limited objects everyone can have and keep track, conserve and accumulate (critical mass), arousing the question of the "critical-network" sizes.
Future society will have small interacting Equalitarian groups to avoid hierarchy and totalitarianism of big societies that crushes individual determination to shape the future.

d)- The Property paradigm or types of usability of objects:
d.1) - Used simultaneously by all;
d.2) - Usability do not need consent of others;
d.3) -Transference do not need permission of others;

This critical mass limiting the number of objects seems to take communities since the 60's and 70's until today, to have reflections in the option of this groups to assume like " poverty as a virtue" and these non-competitive fighters always opposed the "establishment" as artificial induced scarcity.
Actual non-competitive groups in Nature always try to organize a public treasure as reserve or reservoir (collective barns) to keep the products necessary for survival equalitarian.
This non-competitive groups have always a very important factor that can't be ignored, the members of the group know each other very well, and they do not just have a chat connect-disconnect like relationship permitted by the "liquid society" of today, where the minds meet through the machine as long as we decide to be on or off.

e) - Some Non-competitive groups do not succeed, usually because they don't have an objective language to inform all the members or to be informed of the state of the others.
They create a mythological language that is not enough to transmit this kind of information, generating some paternalism hidden their mythologies.
So what happens to this groups:
The first danger is success because the number of people growth rapidly and attain the critical limit of objects needed for survival.
Second danger is the paternalism of their mythologies that generates a division by ideological fights for the precedence of ideas and usually lead to dissolution or disruption.

This part reminded me of the movie "The Beach" with Dicaprio with the problems of critical-group and ideological fights with mythological language and discussions.
An hermit can maintain equality, because he does not communicate with anybody, eliminating influences but is always semi-paternalistic because there is no place for the synergy of personalized utopias.


3- Is the Blockchain the technological frame for a non-competitive society?

In the last five conditions of last chapter for the existence of society , there are for about knowledge - Non paternalistic organization, equalitarian society, the critical-group(n people) and critical mass(n objetcs), property organization and use and the blockchain creators can start to use and diffuse.

So there is a place for a non-competitive society, everybody knows and feel the need for change because the world growth of population is limiting the number of environments with natural abundance and increasing the number territories with naturally scarce needs for survival.

Source-code and now the blockchain are in fact result of contestation and disssatisfaction in relation to "Artificial scarcity" by creating real technological options, that shows that intermediaries controlling and sucking the flow of money and products are in fact obsolete, like Bitcoin have clearly demonstrated and made it possible by the blockchain in relation to banks and financial markets .
Source code community created one of the first technological utopia that brought the possibility to solve the property paradigm d) of the usability of objects:
all can t use the object at the same time without consent or permission or others (collectively owned).

Mass production based-society in the manufacturing of all objects needed for survival is an artificial invented scarcity , a system of false valued commodities as a form of control and dominance.
Natural abundance can always turn into artificial abundance when man accumulate reserves for the times of natural scarcity like winter - reserve of food (objects) , heat (technological object) and space (secure territory) and the creation of barns since pre-historic times and in non-competitive groups today.

Centralized barns of multinational corporations controlling all the flow of reserves always turns into centralized paternalistic and hierarchic dictatorship.

Reserves an Reservoirs

Economy of Reserves as technical condition for a Non-Competitive Society

Myriads of small communities as specialized barns and distributors open more space for freedom,equalitarism, transparency in the harm of toxic products, and fairness in the generation of the perceived value of commodities.

But we can't forget that while the artificial abundance is made by the "tool" of mass production of commodities needed for survival or not (capitalist or socialist), making man only a product of production that produces desire as a product, making man a "desiring machine" of artificial scarcity created by the Power.

The "tool" of Production is created based in rewards(prizes) as stimulus mechanism for being a producer. This prize is invented, superfluous and not necessary for survival but a "mean" for a "state of superiority" to support the idea of a system based in "false scarcity".

In Yona's simplistic theory of inflation as a a result of people giving their attention, knowledge, time and energy they get prizes-salary, status or power- to "distinguish" each one in relation to the others. So then everybody wants the same prizes or get better ones by the corresponding strategies of making the same services or get the prize by blackmail of creating more "artificial scarcity" and "false desire".

This "fair" concurrence leads to super-production but at the same to the undervalue of prizes generating "Inflation".
Reserves in our States today are the public treasure fed by each member of society and paid in money to the reserve that have no ways to stop artificial scarcity because it is based on it.
Everybody then presses the the keepers of the treasure as a mean of "Artificial scarcity" (get the money prizes) that have to be more distributed (up of prizes) introducing inflation (that the keepers of the gate explore very well).

Let's imagine a new reserve that contained a lot of reserves specialized by field of commodities that are really needed for survival instead of money.
Each member or producer of society would pay in specimen of merchandise that is really missing in society to eliminate inflation and preventing them from creating artificial scarcity in the reserves.
We have to distinguish the producers of commodities dependent on "real scarcity" - food house (needed for survival ), and the ones dependent of "Artificially scarcity" needed for human desire or vanity (luxury products and nature destructive products).

The producers of artificial products would pay in money to the public treasure but we would have solved the problem of propagating inflation to real needed commodities.
This knowledge should be diffused and taught, but schools only exist today to internalize the "desire machine of consumerism" of savage capitalism, to teach that artificial Scarcity is "natural", and to introduce the mighty Power as the "good" regulators

In places of created "artificial abundance" like all "developed countries" (US, Europe) as economic organizations "abundance" is tied to idea coming from the "outside" from natural or artificial equilibrium as a mask for controlled scarcity.

4- The importance of the "Importance" - Blockchain: The Equalizer

As Yona Friedman says the only unacceptable thing in life is not to be important.

Like him I think that Utopias are maid by groups of people that have imagined attempts to reestablish their "importance" in relation to others.
I will try now to explain the difficult concept of "Importance".
(i) - Importance can only be given by others.
(ii) - Any person that do not see his "Importance" recognized will try to imagine one way to recreate it.
(iii) - Influence is someone success in convincing the other(s);
- Social Situation is is the evaluation of success of persuasion and the "other(s)" appreciation;
- Dependency is the always fragile equilibrium of success.
Let's use this language to define the social equalitarian "non-competitive" society
or any other given society.
An hermit can't give "Importance" to himself in relation to Others. He builds a myth in the top of his isolation, giving himself a "false-importance" in an imagined relation with the others, but this impossible because one man can't attribute importance to himself.
This Robinson Crusoe will die half crazy in his solitude, trying to build an artificial importance in relation to "imagined" "other(s)"
Because "Importance" as Yona defines it is is something we only can get from other(s), as the capacity to be recognized by others.

The big conclusion here is that any person can create a" false scarcity" by searching for other individuals in relation to whom he feels important, and establish by this mean a kind of blackmail in any form of society.
Now we will clarify better what is "Importance" how it was used by the Power to institutionalize and reinforce its "Importance".
Racists, populists, oligarchies and monopolies used this powerful gun to establish their "Importance" by refusing "Importance" to some people or groups to reinforce their own.

"Importance" is the most scarce commodity on Earth, and the goal is to find the equilibrium in a non-paternalistic and non-competitive societies, where "Importance" is distributed equally to all, permit to exercise his influence in a social situation, have full access and enough information to equilibrate this dependencies.

The blockchain is a realized technological Utopia and can be the of an attempt to try o reestablish everybody else's "Importance" in relation to Power and the obsolescence of its "importance" .

"The blockchains and Steemit are vehicles for the emergence of a still very intangible utopia of all times - an equalitarian society in the relation of People and a non-competitive society in relation to the property or objects." - charlie777pt

In Steemit Reputation represents(or should represent ) the "Importance" of any Steemian in an equalitarian relation of Man2Man, but Steem is is an artificial scarcity with the hierarchic control by investors and creators.

This introduces the Power element on Steemit of risk capital that fed the "baby" and everybody have to be aware of it. .

Reputation can be the main factor for equal "Importance" in a platform that is owned by the users and financed by public donation or crowd-funding, to make possible collective consensus and total equalitarianism in relation to Reputation and Objects(Steem).

Of course Reputation can be manipulated by self-interested individuals or groups interfering in the false scarcity, to falsify the relation of attention vs value generated for the community .
They can build pseudo-reputations that not based in the equal commitment of attention, time and work for the platform versus equal rewards.

On the other way since I came to Steemit I found out that it is possible to ascend and possess Steem by building a strong Reputation based in a lot of Attention and commitment to the platform and based in good quality content creation.

Any artificial scarcity is used a "Tool" that Power controls to take over people's "Importance"
Hierarchic systems do not give "Importance" to all people and the normal result is "contestation" as ways to find freedom. "Importance" should be the shared capacity to exercise influence.
A relaxing video of Yona Friedman about the emergence of Utopias


5- Conclusions about a non-competitive Society

a) - Fight for life is usually not indispensable.
b) - In natural or artificial abundance (if production is collectively owned) is possible to build a non-competitive and equalitarian society.
c) - This type of society is not flourishing yet caused by competition in relation to objects really necessary for survival and objects not necessary to survival that were artificially created and have a fictional value based in controlled artificial scarcity.

Non-competitive groups are popping all over to protest against "artificial scarcity".

We must separate "Real scarcity" from "Artificial scarcity" and the fight must go on until the separation of this two frontiers.
Ideology is then the only obstacle for the blooming of non-competitive societies, stopping this theory that could drive us trough the the path of a realizable Utopia

For Example UBI (universal basic income) and projects like GrantCoin are the first signs that the blockchain can help in the sustainability and subsidize the basic needs that are separated from the artificial and false created superfluous necessities.
The blockchain created the right tools for ubiquity (everywhere), perpetuity (for ever), accessibility, inviolability and decentralization of influence and "Importance" for every human being.

Decentralization will be the main factor of change and the " Critical-group" increases the probability of success for communities based and composed of small and completely autonomous groups that I've been calling Freedom Cell Fighters.
" The important decision is what makes the individual, it is totally unpredictable. No individual, whether in physics of particles or in Sociology, behaves according to abstract laws." - Yona Friedman

The blockchain is the future infrastructure for the myriad of small equalitarian communities living in a non-competitive society,
It can always be a good world database for the control of the reservoirs of real scarce commodities that would register the reserves and use AI to redistribute it.
State public order systems (police and surveillance) today are just the protection of private fortunes and interests, attacking on every "dissident" with dogs and anti-terrorist guns and use justice to reinforce and justify the current gap of inequality of "Importance" of people and of wealth distribution .


My special thanks to @krnel, for helping me to correct my bad English and typing, encourage me to keep on writing and above all for helping me to find "holes" in my line of thought and suggest the right corrections making my work better for everybody .
Thanks to all, that take the time to read this difficult subjects in my posts, vote and comment to enlighten the discussion to build awareness to the collective consciousness of Steemit, and to all the friends that encourage me to be better on my daily hangouts on Steemit.

Thanks to Steemit for creating the conditions to express my " Influence", " Importance" and Ideas forever on the blockchain without censorship.
Censorship is just a tool used with the sole fit of the individual free will castration and to reinforce " the Importance of Power".
I want also to express my admiration for the contribution of the work of Yona Friedman incredibly written in 1975 because I feel that his ideas are basic to the philosophical discussion about the small-grouped communities emerging in the blockchain.
This topological-mathematical model to observe society can be used as a path to reestablish people's rights to Influence and to take back their " Importance" and as future model of social networks

Thank you, Yona for your inspiration and revelation about the Truth how Power have been stealing our " Importance" and for showing ways to change Reality's ownership for all as and how to fight for freedom and create non-competitive societies.

And please Mister Yona Friedman if you ever you read any of my posts I have to apologize for trying to write about this difficult matters is such a short space and hope that my simplifications and my personal adds, appends and views didn't spoil the meaning of one of the best things in the world: "How to make Utopias realizable and turn into Reality".


(*) I choose the term Equalitarian for a vision that accepts or promotes the view of equalitarianism , instead of Egalitarian a vision who accepts or promotes social equality and equal rights for all people because that is not yet possible in the material hierarchic structure of our world of objects and assets.

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B/W Pictures Source:

All black and white hand writing pictures included in the slides, are originally copied from the book - "Utopias Realizáveis" - (Realizable Utopias )by Yona Friedman , Sociocultur, Lisbon, 1977 (in Portuguese)


(1) Yona Friedman - wikipedia : Architect, urban planner, designer but also a sociology student, physics and science communications, Yona Friedman (Budapest, 1923) is back at the center of international architectural culture after having long been dismissed as Utopian.
Member of the Hungarian anti-Nazi resistance, Friedman spent a few years in Haifa, Israel, where he sketched the first of his many theories, namely the Mobile Manifesto architecture in which special construction systems allow the inhabitant to determine for itself the shape, style etc. his apartment and to change it when they want it.
website: Yona Friedman
Interview with Yona Friedman: "Imagine, Having Improvised Volumes "Floating" In Space, Like Balloons"

Yona Friedman 1000+ photos - Pinterest.
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Utopies réalisables by Yona Friedman.
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One Video among hundreds : Yona Friedman: You are obliged to stay Mainstream

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