Do Biotas dream of a blockchain city?

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The Biota - A new kind of man for the Post-Scarcity Era - Humanity 5.0

Centralization is cancer and the "black hole" of savage capitalism sucking the limited natural resources of "Spaceship" Earth.
Blockchain and decentralization could, and is building the "white hole" of human values and mother nature as a counter effect to the "black hole",
The collapse of the actual centralized technological and politically perverted civilization is evident and inevitable except that nobody knows when it's gonna happen.

The new paradigm of Mankind and the Five constituents of Man

The word Man in capital letter means more Humanity of all man/women.
We will call Biota to the Pentagon of the Physical Man, the Biological Man, the Psychological Man, the Social Man, and the Digital Man that are the crossline of technologies development.

The Biota is biologically-based, immersed in virtual ecosystems and engaged in artificial life organization in the blockchain for the Digital Man-Machine.
The Physical Man as connections in reality with the possessions in the material world like value, assets, devices, records, and so on.
The Biological Man with his genes and neurological limited capacities to sustain the communication and the skills to interact with the growing the number of people we communicate online and maintain their human traits and differences.
The Psychological Man's mind will have to go to a lot of changes to be prepared to embrace the Digital Man virtual entity.
The Social Man is the universe of our human relationships with other people in the real world.
The Digital Man is different from the Social Man that communicates in the "solid" face2face connection in reality that you can't disconnect or disconnect of at any moment.
The Digital Man engages in a "liquid" connection that can be turned on and off at any time.
The Digital Man is the vortex of humanity networking to control the "Planet Earth" destiny and property.
Oracles will connect the Physical Man to the Digital Man using blockchain connections to an API providing Data feeds made by intelligent agents like people and software (bots) or by hardware (sensor or actuator).

The "Blocknet" is the future Ecosystem where the Digital Man is the connection to Humanity 5.0

The generation of social use value resulting from all the creativity of the communities in the decentralized eco-system of the blockchain is the weapon to conquer the World 5.0 against centralism and materialism.
The "Blocknet" transcends the physical territories of countries and state models centralization-based rules that want to legislate what was created to be unregulated and decentralized and where the code is Law made by the community with collective ownership and technological and social consensus.

Jeremy Rifkin in his recent book The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism, talks about the upcoming shared economy supported by social capital where citizens in decentralized public crypto-based platforms will substitute private property ownership by the right of access.
The already tired and busted Mother Earth is crying for the rise of the movement of all the Web citizens, and next infrastructure of the Digital Man - the "BlockNet".

The blockchain can the universal thinking machine to be the backbone for mother earth communities as the "engine room" of "Spaceship Earth" based on sharing human knowledge and collective intelligence globally.
The new economy 5.0 is based on the capture, storage, analysis, and transmission of data, value and digital assets representing objects of life and the new digital universal language of the blockchain.

"Language is, at its core, a system that is both digital and infinite. To my knowledge, there is no other biological system with these properties...." - Noam Chomsky
The blockchain challenging new technological paradigm and the concept of decentralization will change the way we see, work and live in the global economy, politics, education, media, wealth distribution, and the sustainability of the scarce and finite resources of "Spaceship Earth"

The Digital Man will be exposed to new advanced technologies that can generate massive disruption in our genes, bodies, psyche, social life and in the environment.
We already know that the Digital Man has effects on the Psychological Man stability with repercussions of feelings and emotions like the Social Man relationships can cause.
The size and development of the Digital Man are taking a lot of time and engagement from the sphere of the Psychological man and Social Man.

There will be problems with the already known effects of the virtual world like all kinds of symptoms, compulsions, and addictions of the Digital Man.
Some people are suffering from device addiction to telephones and computers, compulsions like web surfing, gambling, chatting or gaming addictions, the cybersexual addictions like pornography or online sex and online cyber-relationships and hyper-social media involvement.
Other problems will come from State and Countries Institutional Economics are trying to create taxation or regulations, to protect and perpetuate their special interests.

The cyberspace world was created out of their jurisdiction and territory.
They can't regulate or tax what was rooted to be unregulated and decentralized. Decentralized rules are the technological and social consensus.
They don't understand that centralized rules shouldn't apply to this self-regulated community consensus, that was created to be decentralized as an alternative to the decaying centralized systems.

To stop the growing economies of actual savage capitalism correlated with a decline in prosperity, the blockchain came as a solution to the problems of costs of transactions that are the principles regulating costs of centralized institutions.
The blockchain governance, operations, planning, and communications will reduce in large scale the costs that justify the need of big organizations.

According to some financial projections, the blockchain market in five years will be worth about 7,000 million euros.

And, to end here I leave a thought about Steemit and the current problem of rewards associated with bad content that is generated by contract and that in the long run devalue the platform.

"High financial rewards in worthless content is like the existential vacuum of winning a honeypot that does not have honey at all."

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Steemit does have a problem with the rewarding of low quality content, both low quality information of little value, and low quality posts in general that are simply garbage fodder and waste of space on the blockchain which will serve no purpose as a source of information or knowledge going into the future.

All of the posts take up space in the blockchain which has to be stored. Witnesses have to hold all of the data in the blockchain, no matter how useless it is. The block size has grown from about 8GB when I started as a witness I think, about 1 year ago, to being almost 80GB as of now.

That's a 10x increase in blockchain size in about 1 year (if I am recalling the size correctly).

As the Steem blockchain gets more popular, that demands even more resources to host the blockchain from witnesses. Storing all data permanently, forever, is a waste of resources I find. There is no way to remove data, and even if it was possible, there is no way to differentiate what is of value or quality from not.

So not only does useless/worthless info/posting getting rewarded highly, it also gets stored forever, bloating the blockchain. Unless the price of Steem keeps rising, eventually less and less witnesses will be able to pay for their servers to host the blockchain, and the number of witnesses will shrink as time goes on.

I notice you still don't have many commenters, but at least you have a decent constant payout ;)

Hi my friend
Steemit needed a lot of people like you focused on making quality content and you have it defended it till exhaustion.
The newcomers and some nickel machine players need the education to understand this problem.
Shit content brings short-term financial value to the network, but it will bring devaluation on the long term.
Steemit is a citizenship journalism community and people should understand this value to fulfill the Vision and Mission of Steemit.
Witnesses should be an example but some witnesses and whales are selling votes like stock and this will turn a casino where you can bribe the managers.
I believe in universal ethical codes in the relation of peers, established in the communities that have a level of independence and autonomy in their internal functioning building an "holacratic governance" of the platform.


Very interesting,
Thanks for sharing.