CertChain: How It All Started...

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We have been consulting in the sphere of certification for quite a long time. Taking into account both the current level of our work and the geographic location, I have to notice that we gained valuable experience in customer communication and understanding their real desires and needs. We have given 22 058 consultations on certification questions, the simplest ones as well as complex like the certification of factory, knowhow and innovative medicine. All this time we have worked as consultants and organizers of the whole process. In fact, certification bodies are the only ones that have the official right to confirm certification. They abide by the rules created by themselves. As it often happens, they become monopolists and the number of alternative variants decrease though the sphere is commercial in many countries.

Finally, we have came to the conclusion that a great part of the sphere by nature, market and in scale could hardly be called flexible.

I would say on the contrary, it is quite rigid, permanent and goes behind the customers’ needs. However, these days we can witness absolutely another world picture. It is so fast moving and quickly developing by itself that even securities regulators and the government run out of time to give their opinion, make an estimate of some recent events. Not to speak of the administration! In such a way, it happens with technology. They have already spread widely and came in use while there are no any regulations and, what’s more, there is no any standard for their use. The world is changing and some industries must develop with the same speed, however, we understand that in the current situation it is impossible.

So, it was one of the key industry problems that made us think of a potential solution 27/7...
The company development in the standard way of company amendment, opening new branches, increasing the number of customers can not solve the problem at the root. So, a radical, conceptual solution for the whole sphere became a keystone. And... In this very moment blockchain technology appeared on the horizon.

Here, I have to say, is the most important and conceptual moment for us. At first, we have found out market problems and then we decided to improve the sphere of certification. Blockchain helped us as technology and turned out to be a tool for the goal achievement. Not vice versa.

It’s a pity, these days a very strange trend can be seen the sphere of blockchain technology. Blockchain is becoming as a key point while industries and problems are just screwed into it. Projects of using blockchain in banana growing or sand sales sound really weird and this, in its turn, increases technology enemies. We are waiting when such lists as «Top 100 niches of blockchain use» will appear everywhere. Let's not forget that any technology, software program is a tool for solving real problems for the public and business welfare. However, now the situation is like in the old joke about 90's business:

I threw a brick into the window. I broke it but glued an advertisement – "Install windows cheaply".

This is what the blockchain industry looks like.

To be continued...

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