Celes Newsletter of the Precess 2018.12.29

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Dear CELES’s fans, welcome to read the Celes’s Issue 25 Project Progress weekly newsletter 1222–1229.

Celes as the first DPOW’s global professional financial instituted Public uses the consensus institution 3.0 for embracing supervision from the bottom and supports the communication of across and the authority of the side linked. This public creates an opportunity for the financial institutions to offer their better financial service on the .

Technical Process


CelesOS’s Main Network

Additional Ports include:

  1. Finished the block difficulty value;

  2. Finished the present problem in the block;

  3. The total votes that ‘s vote of DBP;

  4. The total votes that ‘s vote of all network;

  5. The legal port of singular wood for authorization;

  6. The recipe of the getting the block’s random vote;

The code is displayed as below

  1. Random number port
  1. Editing the logic of the random number port to satisfy the demand of real-time draw;

  2. Debugging the debug code in the testing network;

The code is displayed as below

  1. The block browser of CelesOS
  1. Completed collecting all the function’s list in the block browser;

  2. Sorting out all the port with completion of 30% for block browser;

  3. Design of the block browser’s interfaces

The code is displayed as below

  1. Debug contracts and DBP rewards, and improve perimeter interfaces. Test the network to start and solve the bug

The code is displayed as below

  1. DAPP’s Developing Process

  2. Ranking List — Add Node’s Ranking List (Top 100) 1) Unhide the node’s account and the amount;

  1. Directed invitation, no front-end application, background opening;

  2. Identity Displaying;

  3. Nickname of node, introduction of node (specialized signature), background edition;

  4. Actual ranking list (pull);

  5. Unchanged numeric field;

  1. Additional function of the Dochat’s group:
  1. Setting up group;

  2. Invitation;

  3. Delete the group member(Admin);

  4. Group name, introduction

  5. Group Announcement (Admin);

  6. Group member’s nickname and the mute notification

  1. Additional tech support of Dochat
  1. Pulling the eth’s transfer record data from eth’s network and also support the continuing download after the breakpoint of the network

At present, it only supports the ipc’s mode connected node;

  1. The eth’s transfer record from kafka saved to DB;
  1. additional BTC’s Support:

Data pulling and the data authorization from btc’s local node based on the java-rpv’s mode

Evolution’s Process

  1. This week, Celes has another new oversea evaluated institution RKTB on the list

RKT8 is a Russian media company which has specially produced a special report video for Celes. The report displays as the 18-minute full-length Russian-Russian commentary video with more than 17,000 plays and more than 8,000 likes.

Completed video can be seen from the “Read More” at the end of article

  1. Until the post is established, there are 2 oversea popular evaluated supervised institutions is displayed on the main page of Celes , which are: PRIMEICO and ICODROPS, which attracted many oversea custoemrs to join in.

Until the post is established, there are 46 oversea popular evaluated supervised institutions attracted to the Celes. Especially, the full score is given as 5 in the score from trackico and the ICOLINK is given the score as high as 4.98.

Celes get the huge reflection from the oversea social community. According to the scientific standard from evaluated organizations, The above institutions are checked through the project, team, technology, white paper book, official website, social media, telegram group members and activity, CELES information and the other aspects to evaluation professionally with full positions, flexible aspects.

CELES’s Big Event

01 CelesOS Team joined Microsoft Accelerator — Shang Hai Alumni Reunion Day

Microsoft Accelerator — Shang Hai Alumni Reunion Day** is held on December 20 in 2018 in Lu Di Bin Fen City Mall, which locates in Long Hua Zhong Road, Xu Hui Area, Shang Hai City. The group of CelesOS, which leads by its CTO, Yang Yang attended this event.

This Alumni Reunion Day of exclusive custom high-level Microsoft Accelerator, which is accumulated. Microsoft Accelerator has some brand new resources for better serving to the alumni enterprise. This Microsoft Accelerator Shang Hai Alumni Reunion Day does not only offer the latest resources for the attended enterprise but also invite many superb accelerator alumni entrepreneurs for communicating the discussion or grouping innovation.

During the meeting, the Zhong Jin Capital director or general manager, Yu Cao share his typical view of the scientific innovated panel and the practise operation oversea public companies. Afterward, the Jin Du Lawyer Firm Security department partner, Dongya Liu share to everybody about the attention task of the scientific innovated panel.

The CelesOS’s CTO Yang Yang attended to this Microsoft Accelerator Shang Hai Alumni Reunion Day and share the innovated block experience with other attend entrepreneurs. Yang Yang believes that as the block technology is developing as one kind of the change the financial service industry and the different style of action which relying on the traditional authorization and the trusted trading. So far, the industry in China may display at the learning place for the global block development.

  1. CelesOS Offered Famous Course in Peking University

On December 23 2018, CelesOS’s Chief Scientist Michael Yeung is inviated Peking University MBA.

In the classroom, there are full of the students, CelesOS’s Chief Scientist Michael Yeung provided the course of consensus for the MBA member of Tsing Hua University with the topic of Consensus. Firstly, he started introducing the origin of cryptocurrency is derived from the second law of thermodynamics, and followed by the development of block. Then he talked about the evolution of consensus algorithms. Finally, the role of block and its significance are discussed.

During the class, CelesOS’s Chief Scientist Michael Yeung firstly claimed that the block is the new living mode which received the confirmation and the attention from the attendants. Each block asset is alive. Each miner and the node are similar to the cell for the maternal body that can support this asset to grow infinitely.

In the classroom, CelesOS’s chief scientist Michael Yeung also discussed with the participants the development iteration of the block public project. The algorithm is used by the public and the mathematical model behind the algorithm. In short, this content covers almost all the points the block needs and it is fully systematic and comprehensive. Therefore, it can be used as a wikipedia about the block for the beginner, which are very benefits the students.

  1. CelesOS Team joined the eighth 2018 Shanghai Creative Industry Expo

During December 21st to 23rd 2018, the eighth 2018 Shanghai Creative Industry Expo is held successfully. As the innovated represented enterprise in the block industry, CelesOS is invited to join this expo to display the innovated composition.

This expo is led by Shanghai Economic and Information Committee, Shanghai Commerce Committee, Communist Youth League Shanghai Committee, Shanghai Education Committee, and corroborating with Shanghai Changning Area Government, Shanghai Modern Service Industry Federation, Shanghai Innovate Industry Association.

This theme of this expo is “Unlimited innovation, intelligent life”. According to the design in displaying, meeting, competition, presentation these four main panels to fully display this year’s expo theme, which is “Unlimited Innovation”. The goal of this expo is developing China for transferring from “Manufacturing Country” to “Intelligent Country”.

CelesOS Display Area

The communication in CelesOS Display Area

Regarding the displaying in the innovated product of CelesOS with the exciting series activity, the attendant and our teams have more opportunities for experiencing and communicating, which is fully show the theme of “Innovated Product produce more perfect life”. All of them are better helped for the future block development.

Based on this expo, CelesOS received more confirmation and appreciation. CelesOS will be continuing exporting the block financial serviceability, completed and mature block industry communicated blueprint and push forward the block technology better development.

  1. CelesOS Team is selected the 2018 Global Fin-tech Venture Final Competition

On December 27 in 2018, CelesOS Team is selected the 2018 Global Fin-tech Venture Final Competition.

On December 7 in 2018, Tsing Hua University 2018 Global Fin-tech Venture Competition is held in Shenzhen Area. CelesOS Team is selected the 2018 Global Fin-tech Venture Final Competition! The chief of scientist Yang Yang became the host for the strategy project. In the end, the trip of the Shenzhen Area Road Trip finished successfully.

2018 Global Fin-tech Venture Competition is held as the high-level Fin-tech Venture competition by Wei Yang Web, which is the media company of Tsinghua Wudaokou. It held the specialized support from the Beijing West City Area Renming Government.

2018 Global Fin-tech Venture is held in Qian Hai Shenzhen Port Fund’s town in Shenzhen Area

Shenzhen Area mainly surrounds the topic about the security trading, access management, innovated technology of block. There are more than 70 outstanding fin-tech enterprises.

CelesOS as the block fin-tech enterprise to join the competition.

During the CelesOS road show section, the chief of scientist Yang Yang introduce the company, layout, operating strategy, core team, invested institution and the other area in different dimensions. This section comprehensively displays the CelesOS innovated result and the product research composition in the financial technology innovation and the application area to draw the clear corporation profile for the presented juries and the other attendants from different institutions.

In the professional review process, CelesOS and the Institutional experts conduct closed-door roadshows and exchanges who are from the Institute of Financial Technology from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Finance University, China Re Group, Taiping Insurance, Jiyu Jinfu, LANXESS Investment, Baica Jinchuang and etc. Experts from entrepreneurial projects in business models, teams review and the strength and external resource advantages to make the evaluation the comes out with the score. The chief of scientist Yang Yang and the experts had a lively exchange in communication discussion in the Q&A session afterward.

After the competitions in three areas in China, CelesOS won the praise of the judges for its excellent block innovation. Therefore, CelesOS successfully entered the global final competition. At the same time, we saw block, artificial intelligence, big data and the other technology in the vertical fields of the financial industry in the fusion applications and broad prospects.

Gao, Han CEO

Undergraduate in Tsing Hua University

Doctor in University of Chicago

New York Goldman Senior Officer

Beijing China Investment Bank Senior Officer

Hong Kong Exchange Senior Officer

Liu, Yi Lan, CTO

Tencent Technology Director

Da Jiang Technology Director

Yang Yang, CTO

Undergraduate in Tsing Hua University

Master of Imperial College Financial Engineer


Spanish Bank in US

Zhang, Wei Chao (Security Expert)

Tencent Software Engineer Senior Officer

Da Jiang Software Engineer Senior Officer

The members of the CelesOS team are mostly from Tsing Hua University, Peking University, Berkeley University, MIT, Virginia Institute College and the other famous education institutions. Before they joined into CelesOS, they have experienced in working for the National Development Bank, CICC, Tencent, Hua Wei and etc.

This team is very familiar and proficient, which can be seen as the Golden Team for the block technology, finance and supervision.

Thank you for all Celes’s fans and favour, we can continue to broadcast the more wonder Celes’s News.

Lastly, Thank you all and Happy New Year 2019!

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