BEE — New Crypto сurrency of a New Era


As soon as we published several articles that the main goal of BeeQB is to create a tool for the implementation of crypto-cash settlements in business. And, for us, this means that in a short time in many stores in the world will be able to pay for goods using BEE coin. We received one, but often repeating comment: “its very early for this, come in 5–10 years.” Well, let’s deal with it.

Let’s start, with a little repetition: Japan, Bahrain, Estonia, the United States, Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, one way or another allow you to settle in the crypto currency. According to Bloomberg, 100,000 companies around the world accept crypto currency payments. And another 15,000 companies you can pay the crypt without any restrictions.

At all thus the crypt, still it is possible to use only as cash: you come to the cashdesk, and a cashier told “your bill is $35”, you get from a pocket purse and pay the bill. At the same time, if you only have a $50, you will be given a change at the checkout. With the crypto currency everything is a little different. To date, there is no store in which prices are quoted in Bitcoins.
Therefore, you come to the cashier, the seller counts the amount of the goods, recounts to Bitcoins (this is in an ideal situation) and says “0.33BTC please”. You transfer this amount, wait until the funds come to the wallet and only then you can pick up the purchases. The seller can make a mistake in the exchange, the transaction may not go through, the Internet on the phone may be lost … There are a lot of reasons to use this kind of payments with great care.

The appearance of Visa and MasterCard radically changed the face of retail trade. And the emergence of “crypto-banks” issuing payment cards has become a logical development of the crypto-currency market. At the same time, when calculating such cards, the cardholder overpays at least 10% of the purchase price.

Progress does not stand still and the next milestone in the introduction of crypto currency into the mass market should be the emergence of a developed infrastructure for accepting payments in the retail and corporate markets.

The beginning of the next milestone, in our opinion, should be the emergence of business systems for transactions with native support for crypto currencies. It is such a system is BeeQB. In our opinion, it should include a mechanism for accepting funds and a mechanism for confirming the payment of a transaction. However, crypto currencies are a means of peer-to-peer payments and this fact is the main brake on the globalisation of crypto-currency settlements.

In BeeQB we went along the path of changing the route of the transaction. When the seller requests the necessary amount from the client. That is, in order to “0.33BTC” hit the account of the seller, the seller must work stable payment terminal. So, as it now works for Visa. In order to do this, we need to develop a new currency with a new consensus and a new paradigm of application. A currency that would combine all the best from cash and electronic money and would be deprived of their weaknesses.

And we create BEE. BEE is the crypto currency of the new world economy, a means of payments around the world.
We understand that it is easier to develop a new crypto currency, rather than making it popular and in demand. Therefore, simultaneously with the development of BEE, we are developing an infrastructure solution for the maintenance of BEE is BeeQB. BeeQB combines all the necessary tools for management business and is a means of receiving and transferring BEE.

If you do not go into the peculiarities of BeeQB, then you can say that BeeQB is a payment terminal that automatically recounts the transaction amount from, for example, USD to BEE and accepts payment from the client directly to the company’s account. That is, the company instantly receives not only a confirmation of payment, but also the payment itself.
Is the market ready for BEE? Definitely YES. The market requires such a solution and we are glad that we are working on its implementation.

By the way, you can become a BEEQB contributor right now.

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