EOS Puts Multiple Internet and Crypto Mining Hardware Companies Out Of Business!

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The end and beginning of an era has began

Staking EOS allows you a certain amount of CPU processing power, bandwidth, and storage. This means that someone or a corporation can start a website hosting service or something similar using the EOS Blockchain with out the end user even knowing that EOS is being used. Existing corporations can move their business to The EOS platform for some major savings and better performance.

As a miner you can build a mining Dapp that would be magnitudes more powerful than anything on the market today. This may be bad news for Crypto mining hardware producers unless they adapt or buy EOS with their current profits as a hedge.

Staking EOS cost you nothing, meaning no gas or EOS is used to run your dapps on the EOS Blockchain. Except for the initial cost of EOS your CPU Power, Bandwidth and Storage are free. Smart investors understand the future value of EOS and are accumulating it.

EOS is The Blockchain we've all been waiting for that will disrupt so many current internet businesses and technically even mining hardware producers, plus all of the unknown benefits that such a system will bring. I don’t think enough people realize the opportunity EOS is bringing to market.

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Very good job @breezer. I’m following you now, great content

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