Trecento Blockchain Capital platform offers a large selection of professional tools

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Modern people are less attracted with keeping funds in banks. Deposited funds do not work, bringing an insignificant amount of income (up to 7% per annum when investing a large amount in a reliable stable bank). Investments in business are more profitable and can bring a stable income to an investor with successful development. Trecento Blockchain Capital platform is an investment project based on blockchain technology. The project is registered in Geneva and is managed by the team of professionals in fintech sphere. The platform is filled with a variety of professional business tools, ensuring the maximum return on investment. Trecento Blockchain Capital also proposes to make money on the bounty campaign, which will be launched in the near future.

Key features of Trecento Blockchain Capital

Trecento Blockchain Capital project offers its customers high-quality asset management, qualified support services, 360 opportunities for implementing investment strategies, competent risk management and transparent security policy. An interesting feature is the release of tokens for team members at the end of the ICO. Their volume will be proportional to the amount of released cryptocurrency, according to the approved distribution plan. Thus, investments are first of all aimed at the development of business.

Advantages of Trecento Blockchain Capital

The security of information and money is ensured by blockchain technology. A user is reliably protected from unauthorized use of his/her data due to generating a personal account on independent network nodes. Smart contracts are used to conduct investment transactions and distribute investment fund shares that allow these operations to be carried out quickly and profitably.

The project's work is based on the use of 4 investment directions, which are presented in the form of diversified funds. The main one is the ICO fund. Its activities are aimed at attracting investment in newly created investment companies that attract funds through crowdsale. Thanks to the work of artificial intelligence, an investor is able to get a current assessment of the effectiveness of investments in the selected project, an analysis of the work of the platform and the prospects for its development in the future.

The second fund is called Cryptotrading Fund, and specializes in digital assets trading. The platform offers favorable conditions for cryptocurrency trade using artificial intelligence, which adapts to a user's chosen strategy.

The third fund is a venture capital fund, which consolidates blockchain projects that need financing of share capital at the initial stage. This direction involves large investments with the possibility of participating in annual meetings of shareholders of a company invested. And, finally, the last fund, which allows attracting investment in cryptocurrency funds, implemented on the basis of blockchain technology.

Trecento Blockchain Capital uses DAO voting system and provides affordable, effective work for its members who will be able to announce potential investment proposals, vote in favor of the profitability of announced ideas. The most active investors will be rewarded with platform tokens for active participation in the life of the project.

Trecento Blockchain Capital cryptocurrency

To perform calculations on the project, TOOT tokens implemented in accordance with the ERC-20 standard on the basis of Ethereum are used. The fixed price for one TOT is 1 euro. The project’s softcap is 5 million euros, hardcap - 20 million euros. The project’s crowdsale lasts until November 30. Until September 30, investors have the opportunity to purchase the cryptocurrency with a 30% bonus. The minimum investment amount is 50,000 euros. In October, the bonus size can be from 15 to 20% with a minimum investment amount of 500 euros. In November, the maximum bonus will be 8% with a minimum investment of 100 euros. You can buy TOT using both cryptocurrency (ETH, PTS) and fiat (dollars, euros).


Thus, Trecento Blockchain Capital project is a decentralized platform that offers investors modern tools for investing their funds to generate income. 24/7 support service, a wide range of financial instruments for investment and favorable conditions for cryptocurrency trade will provide the project with unqualified success.

The project was launched in 2017. At the moment, technological tools have been added and a dashboard has been developed, a platform security check has been carried out. By 2019, all four platform funds will be launched with the subsequent release of the beta version of the project.



This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.

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