Apptrade Announces Crowdsale Token to Create a 'Stock Market of Apps' at CoinAgenda 2016 in Connection with the Money2020

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At the 2016 CoinAgenda Conference Daniel Pineda, Founder of Apptrade, announced an ICO for it's 'stock market of apps'. Presenting in front of BitAngels investors, Apptrade will show how to make app funding easier for publishers and safer for investors.

As mentioned Thursday in a Forbes article written UK contributor Roger Aitken, a stock market of apps is about to be created envisioned by Daniel Pineda, founder of Apptrade. He is an experienced app broker by trade and is about to be part of making history offering a stock market of apps all traded directly on the BitShares blockchain transparent, secure, trusted and awesome. Having been close to Daniel in the past few days at Money2020 and CoinAgenda in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is great to see someone still young in his early thirties with as much passion and joy as myself involved in creating blockchain magic, says Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger and it ecosystems.

Apptrade is launching an ICO for development and marketing, not just for itself but for apps soon to join the platform. The first token launched will be the Apptrade master token for pre-investors & ICO participants, which is to represent and receive 10% of the entire marketplace's value and earnings. To do this ICO, Apptrade has partnered with OpenLedger) and its Economic Enterprise Engine - Crowdfunding 3.0 with its many ecosystems of cross marketing and support and finally cryptocurrency investing. Daniel Pineda, founder of Apptrade, had this to say about his partnership with OpenLedger:

"We have the backing and support of our partner, Ronny Boesing, CEO of Open Ledger. Open Ledger has built the marketplace for smartcoin creation. The Apptrade marketplace exists as a series of master accounts on the Open Ledger DC. Any of these accounts can issue the first series of portfolio token offerings, after the launch of our master token."

Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger, describes Apptrade:

"Apptrade's venture is an innovation in investment finance, one that could have fascinating results for the future of fundraising in general, and since it is using OpenLedger and it's underlying BitShares technology it will allow a huge impact on all the ecosystems of OpenLedger and BitShares over time. As ICOs have transformed cryptocurrency investing, so might Apptrade Federated Public Offerings and digitally shared reserves transform the App investment market."

Ronny Boesing continues, "pretty soon 2017 and its expected real life platforms with real life results will appear with full throttle and the accompanied excitement. I am happy personally to be one of the few already offering a blockchain based profit maker through our OpenLedger DC (Decentralized Conglomerate) and its Crowfunding 3.0 solutions allowing both project and investor to feel good when being involved as we cover all aspects from media coverage, escrow service, asset issuing, distribution of assets, exit options, auditing and release of funds from multisig accont according to milestones achieved, a decentralized asset exchange, fiat and crypto gateways and so much more."

OpenLedger is preparing the Apptrade ICO in the coming months; Interested investors are encouraged to speak with OpenLedger's CEO Ronny Boesing to discuss possibilities of early entry investments.
Apptrade defines apps as intangible goods i.e. mobile apps, music, ebooks, 3D asset libraries, blogs, photos and other digital based properties."_

Also check the lates Forbes article: Fintech Apptrade's 'Stockmarket Of Apps' Lures Crowdfund Investors

Yours sincerely,
Ronny Boesing and the OpenLedger team

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I am happy to personally be one of few already offering a blockchain based profit maker with the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate and its Crowfunding 3.0 solution, and I welcome Apptrade to the DC ecosystems. With the covering of all aspects in the fundraising process including media coverage, programmatic advertising, escrow service, asset issuing, distribution of assets, exit options, auditing and release of funds from multi-signature accounts, a secure decentralized asset exchange, fiat and crypto gateways and much more, OpenLedger crowdfunding service provides the tools for both investors and project itself to feel comfortable. It's a transparent, safe, speedy, innovative and awesome solution to an ever increasing need.

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