Native: is a family made up of families in the middle of the blockchain ecosystem.

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Native: is a family made up of families in the middle of the blockchain ecosystem.



The Problem

With the appearance of bitcoin and blockchain, and its subsequent diffusion. Several organizations have appeared with very interesting projects. Which create token, launch ICOs, AirDrops, etc. However, these communities have personnel with extensive knowledge in what are cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

But for the common user, who does not have much knowledge in blockchain, he does not even know what a token is. This person only wants to converse and interact with other people with their same interest forming communities. But after more people arrive, agreeing on several issues is more complicated.

At this time the blockchain is presented as a tool to facilitate these governance issues and generate economic gains for the members of these communities. However, it is very difficult for that community to create a mechanism to reach agreements in decision-making, and above all in the way of organizing the internal economy. This is where Native comes to facilitate these matters.




What is Native?

Native is a platform for communities. Native comes to make things easier for those who have a common interest and offers to create their own Ethereum token currencies to favor relationships within the community.

Native not only offers a platform only but also tries to empower communities with the practical benefits of blockchain and collective organization, to generate benefits for all its members.

Native encourages communities to take control of their own economies. We provide an interface that allows any group to create their own local currency, obtain money by issuing tokens. It also encourages members to propose ideas to obtain funds and vote on ideas.

The purpose of Native is to enable others to launch unique community currencies with functional standards that include: memberships, transactions, and votes. Native’s governance features allow the Native token owners to guide community decisions, as well as fund and influence the policies of local derivative projects built on Native. All of the governance options on Native are delivered through simple templates so that any lack of technical knowledge on the user’s end does not interfere with their ability to execute their ideas.


Native's reason for being is to give identity to each group of people organized around a common interest. The communities will have the opportunity to create a social space where they can relate and fulfill the purpose for which they relate and grow as a collective and as individuals, strengthening and prospering one another..

How does it work?

Basically Native offers 3 aspects that bring all these benefits to the members of communities.

1.- Unique community token:
Native facilitates communities to create their own ethereum token, unique to validate their membership, obtaining resources for the community and use it as a means of exchange within the community. These token will always be protected and backed by Native ecosystem, and its Token (NTV).



2.- Polls:
Native facilitates a system of governance that is very easy to use, through direct surveys to ask the opinion of the members of the community regarding a certain topic or project. Members will have the opportunity and the ability to vote and assert their opinion, decision and comments.

3.- Tasks:
Each community when organizing needs to perform certain tasks for the benefit of its members as a collective. That person who performs these tasks can be rewarded with community tokens in compensation for their work.

Roles in a Community

  • Curators: is a special role within the community, because it demands more commitment and much more responsibility. They are people who are more active in the community, they know the purpose of what the community was created for, and they also take care of guiding the rest of the members, especially the members who have recently joined the community.
  • The administrators of Native communities
  • Have the deepest knowledge of the community’s initial vision
  • Are a filter to ensure only beneficial content is added for members to view and vote on
  • Approve or deny work created by community members
  • Members: is a role for those who wish to have a voice and vote within the community, and do not necessarily want to be a curator. They are all the people of the community who come to be related by a common interest..
  • Members join communities with values, interests and goals they care about
  • Membership grants these individuals certain rights
  • Members make crucial decisions regarding capital deployment and community direction
  • Members have the power to replace Curators
  • Members can join multiple communities

How to participate?

1.- Discovering and joining communities

According to your interests, find a community where you feel comfortable and want to belong. Buy your tokens to support them, and start interacting with other members, through surveys and internal tasks.

Already within the community, the more participants, the more you gain the token of the community. Vote in surveys, perform tasks, support projects. When you win, the community wins and grows.


  • Find your people, those who have similar tastes and interests.
  • Buy Token, is the best way to show interest and commitment in the community.
  • Participate: You can propose new projects to encourage the participation of other members, exercise your right to vote for decisions in the community and you can perform the tasks that need to be done.

2.- Creating Communities

If you do not get a community in Native with interests similar to yours, Native gives you the opportunity to be the first member of a community and be able to create it. Create and sell your token to give value and encourage other people to enter your community.


  • Decide what your community will be about, what is the interest you think you will have in common with a lot of people. What makes the community you're creating special.
  • Create a Token, then acquire them and give the example to the rest of the community members. So they have the option to buy, and start with a healthy economy within your community.
  • Participate: You can propose new projects to encourage the participation of other members, exercise your right to vote for decisions in the community and you can perform the tasks that need to be done.

Case of use

Jhon is a very professional and competent young doctor. As always seeks to be updated on the latest technology, is the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. And he understands that he can take advantage of many of his benefits for the development of his career. Jhon has tried to integrate several of his colleagues around the world, using the internet. It has groups of telegram, whatsapp and in several occasions they speak by Skype. But he has seen how little by little the participation of the members of the medical community has diminished. And Jhon is desperate looking for ways to encourage the participation of his virtual community. Then one day, his brother Peter, who is a professional musician, tells him about Native, how he has developed bonds of friendship with musicians from all over the world, and even earns money through the token of his community, solving tasks and helping others. colleagues. Immediately, Jhon thinks, that is, Native is what I was looking for my medical community.


Conclusions and Personal Thoughts

Native as a platform I see her as a great family of families. That is, a large community composed of communities.

Native promotes, encourages the development of each of the communities and its members. And each of the members must be aware and see the whole picture. That is part not only of the community where he has an interest in common with his companions but is part of something bigger, is part of the Native family.

Then each person, will participate, will promote both their community and Native. Everyone wins by being part of this great family. And a community will be as strong as the participation of its members.

Native by giving the tools to communities to establish a governance system and an internal economy system, thanks to the creation of their own tokens, allows them to develop their full potential to benefit the prosperity of the community.

I remember the movie "Troy" with Bratt Pitt. When the Trojans were being razed, Prince Paris handed the sword of Troy to a boy and said: "This is the sword of Troy, while it is in the hands of a Trojan our people will have a future".

Native provides communities with the hope that the more members of their community have and interact using the token of the community, that family will always exist, that community will always have a future. The more you work as a team, the more you help and encourage participation in your members, the stronger the community will be, the stronger Native will be. If a member possesses tokens from a community, this community will always exist and will be as strong as the union among its members..

Native is a family made up of families in the middle of the blockchain ecosystem.


Native Launched with 6 Pilot Communities




Some Videos about Native

The Native Vision
How The Idea For Native Emerged - Native Talks Ep. 1
Living in The Economic Box - Native Talks Ep. 2
Creating Your Own Economic Structures - Native Talks Ep. 3


The Team










Time Line



More Information and Resources

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