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Since 2016 we designed the Aussie Digital Concept and Ecosystem. Consistent with what we aspire to, transforming and realizing a healthy, transparent, and secure Digital Currency Ecosystem.

We survive and thrive until today when the concepts of fraud have fallen and died.

Aussie Digital is a digital currency ecosystem supported by Exchange, Ecommerce, Social Media, B2B, Staking, and Affiliate. All of this we built to increase the value of the currency itself.


When you invest in a project with a million schemes and strategies, it will end up being a scam and harming society. A lot of projects just rely on pump and dump games on an exchange and really don’t mean anything, That’s what we’ve learned so far.

But we are here to create a digital currency Ecosystem, How the Aussie Digital currency moves on various platforms that are currently familiar to the community, which we created ourselves to increase the value of an investment.

The ecosystem consists of all the tools you need to build and maintain an online business. Our E-commerce platform “Tradezy” is linked to our exchange “Tradedo”. This streamlines the process for those who wish to accept Crypto. Tradezy is packed full of features to help promote and build an online presence, from its built in SEO features to our integrated social media platform “Chatezy”.

Everything is Getting Closer !!!

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