Since starting my Cleantech, 43 MILLION PEOPLE ARE DEAD just from Breathing

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Toxic Energy Lies Vs the ClimateLIARS, & me in the middle, the #1 Cleantech Innovator in History.

Since I started over 43 MILLION PEOPLE ARE DEAD just from Breathing.

When I had just 30 techs I thought when I finally began pitching I would be inundated with funds from the thousands of rich Chinese desperate for top global innovation & the financial background, economic vision & stock market knowledge I also had. Never in my mind was even the possibility to be accepted that maybe I wouldn’t be able to get 5 million $ of funding in the next 6 months after some reasonable pitching opportunities.

4 years later after 16 cities of pitching across asia to thousands of Chinese, Cambodian, Singaporean Rich Greedy bragging bosses running slaver factories casinos massage parlors oil companies investment ponzis and every other Chinese business of choice here there everywhere, I still have never seen nor ever heard of a single Cleantech deal in all of Asia.


A Consumer product platform? yes. Finance deals to Chinese solar companies from the government? yes. A Cleantech Startup deal? No never heard of it, never been in the media, never even seen one pitch, never seen one exhibit at any pitch events anywhere I have been.

We won 3rd place out of 500 startup entrants in China voted best project, most likely to succeed, most valuable project, won a Techstars 54 hour Fintech weekend, had strongest standing ovations at several others, a low carbon city director standing up in front of everyone yelling I want your technology, to applause from World Bank officers to European government officials to 15 governments saying we want you to build a project in our country with this. Standing ovations at intelligent equipment exhibitions to ovations at contests to top ovations at national startup fairs to university pitches to exhibitions in Slush Tokyo, Slush Singapore, Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology to Asean Clean Energy week in Bangkok.

Not one deal, not one Dollar. Not one offer. Not one “termsheet”.

“Unlocking solar capital asia” conference was like some kind of a joke. Rich bankers on stage with IFC all stating nothing for small business nothing for startups, not even guidelines to learn how it needs to be done, nothing for grassroots, and won’t be, they are against it. A woman struggling to make a solar business began screaming at them shaking in the crowd yelling when I got them to admit it on stage publicly, she was seething in anger, as mine was years already settled to a quiet gentleman’s rebuke. Admitting total failure to achieve even 1% penetration in southeast asia or asia in general and wondering how they can get free money from the governments for mega projects excluding startups which to them is the only definition of “unlock solar capital” the whole theme. To goad governments into megaprojects, not actually build any kind of renewables economies. More of the same. Talk that sounds right direction and everyone thinks is, but is not in any way as all perceive.

1.6 Six Million screaming kids goaded into quitting school in the streets chanting “F you Theresa May” roiled up by the 600+ Climate orgs which are nothing but Deep State Far-Left political attack org fronts funded by governments and PACs to raise up dissent and political theater for votes, as continual mobilization campaigns for elections and control. As an Innovator who knows 48 other Breakthrough Cleantech Innovators we all can’t help but notice that they are nothing whatsoever about environment, and only 100% about politics. They don’t plant any trees, they don’t clean any rivers. They don’t fund any startups, they don’t promote any innovators. I know, I’m subscribed to all of their accounts on Twitter, email notifications, and onward. There is no action to actually do anything. It is 100% political theater.

Environment charity fundraiser events, then siphoned into political attack theater, letters, drives, events, talks, seminars, conferences etc to attack opponents & campaign for parties & candidates & demand political change & support for leftist candidates.

In Pakistan just 300 people planted 1 MILLION trees in a single day. I asked Greta Thunberg what she thinks about it, should she rally the troops to plant some trees, at least their very first tree ever? Of course her handlers who run her accounts and pay for all her flights and events and trips and organize all the speeches and get her the highest platform political speech talking time in history that money cant even buy at World Economic Forum, didn’t even respond at all. Not the first not tenth time. No one liked the question, no one re-tweeted it. They never planted a single tree in 23+ weeks but screaming they care about climate change. Everyone knows these are the children of the leftist parents and activists brought out into the road. Goaded, manipulated, indoctrinated and mobilized also by leftist teachers and their parents. They sure aren’t the centrist nor conservative parent’s kids. And they sure aren’t the basic levels of education Adults.

I solicited every one of these original organizer kids, and Al Gore’s org “Climate Reality” and Al Gore’s startup “We Don’t Have Time” a new media social platform to build and mobilize people for political action and make money off it. All of them ignored us completely. We told them about our Breakthrough Cleantechs & what this means for Environment. Not one like, not one retweet even from any of their fans & followers. Shocked.

4 years ago I thought for sure they would all hail me as a hero promoting me to everyone and everywhere in the world for my incredible technological breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough. I was completely as wrong as all these kids are. I was totally naive with sparkles in my eyes thinking World Economic Forum was a respectable organization that cared about the messages they are sending and for real. I thought they would also hail me as some kind of hero for solving it. Instead they stiff armed us at the door and threatened security on us, brought them over, refused us entry after inviting us because they knew we had incredible energy technology we weren’t just some local little solar company, we could disrupt the entire industry, in fact the entire world.

I had no idea that WEF is a fake political action cartel serving in reality only the biggest MNCs of the world, a political show, some people’s business for ticket sales, the highest in connections, political action and theater, now growing moreso by the seminar company as time goes, elitist, exclusionary, with endless fake ads that claim they care about these issues but then they block the innovators at the door, zero anything for startups, nor entrepreneurs, nor small businesses, and use the success from time to time of little social enterprise missions in ads to pretend like they actually care. They cut the names out, cut the companies names and websites out making it nearly impossible to even find out who they are even if someone wanted to become their customer or investor, and then they never fund them, finance them, facilitate anyone. Now Gore and Thunberg are speaking at WEF, slandering Trump as a centerpiece of their talks at same time. Never is a single Innovator nor CleanEnergy startup ever on their mouths while all of us are blocked at the door like terrorists.

They ignored us and the 48 breakthrough innovators I know for YEARS ignored us every call every email other than the first invite. Why they invited us at all I don’t know, a mistake maybe. Just to spit in our faces and put us in our place? They never spoke to us again have never returned anything ever again. Maybe it was the fancy tuxedo or the bow tie or the gentlemanly attitude? Probably it was the flyer they refused to let us even have viewable at all anywhere on us or be thrown out on the street they said that had breakthrough cleanenergy tech on it. But they put up a child. Thunberg. With no technology, promoting no technology, who knows no innovators who ignores all of us innovators (we are all chasing her and gore of course also, of course we all are and of course they have all ignored us completely 100% so have all their handlers and staff 100%) They didn’t put the experts like us on the issue up to talk about new innovation knowing they can change the world, no, they put up a political lamb coached to political speaking perfection for years by her political activist mother who just wrote a political activist book. And they put Gore & her up slandering the political opposition of the New World Order one World Government. Not a single suggestion to anyone ever about supporting the Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovators like AlphaOmegaEnergy. Not EVER.

Twitter is clearly shadowbanning my accounts and throttling them down. We have checked. About once a week I get locked out claiming I’m a bot for unusual activity. Sometimes this comes after I have deleted posts once or twice due to their completely substandard unprofessional platform which has no edit button still after all these years. Gab made one the first day even. Twitter banned us 3 times already but surprisingly put us back up unlike fakebook, instagram and linkedin. We have been blocked by all 3, no reasons given.

I was always interested in getting into the clean energy business. I didn’t have my first technology until 2005 but in 2000 I was interested in the clean energy business. I noticed the radicalism of the communist control attack environment lobby and their total insanity wanting absolutely no progress in economics not a single piece of land built on in the entire world not a single tree chopped not a single forest ranger allowed to do backburning to properly care about the forests and lessen the fires, nothing. I noticed the insanity back in 2000. Growing up in an environmental paradise I have always been a strongly pro environment guy and anti-oil guy even though I was raised in oil country. But the alarmists and climatology religionists I noticed their lies about climate change and global warming very early and was disgusted. They have always had plenty of other things to use but why they picked this obvious fraud instead I cant quite understand. Though I am the most 100% clean energy Pro environment guy ever, I wasn’t willing to lie about it. I was disgusted by their lies and said it continually for the last 20 years. “I hate the lies, but like the result. Perhaps they feel the only way is to lie.” But now I hate the lies and I don’t like the result either.

The result is the creation of radicalism, brainwashing, child usury, child abuse, polarization and divisiveness, the total perversion of science and the scientific process, the rise of hate, racism even violence as willfully used and taught cards to use to get your political result at any destruction price to the very most needed fabrics of society. The Far-leftists have succeeded in totally destroying the respectful, honorable, noble, common behavioral mores that no one ever thought possible to destroy in western society. They have debased the people and now children into screaming swearing cutting school mobs full of hate, intolerance, violence and attack, zero respect for elders nor authorities, zero respect for the system of accountability in politics, like a satanic zombie mob they have become and now whipping up the kids to become like them, in a good little do our bidding for political theater child exploitation zombie army. No planting trees, no cleanups of the rivers, no supporting innovators, no, the government should do all that after bending to our political will despite thousands of years of wisdom taught to enact the checks and balances we have to ensure wise decision making not the fool choices of totally uneducated screaming cutting school F word swearing ignorant kids.

Just 2 years ago it would have been thought unimaginable for anyone to be able to get away with whipping up the children, using them en masse for politics. Such was such a deplorable behavior no one would have tried it your career would be totally ruined. Cant help but notice Gore is totally invisible during the campaign, staying behind the scenes to look disconnected from it but of course he is not. He is the Don. His armies of church of climatology soldiers are vast & innunerable, he is well funded and very skilled at the ground game of campaigns & political theater. His thorough slandering of Trump on the WEF stage instead of talking anything about economics was a new low for WEF presentation who has clearly tried hard or demanded of their guests to ‘keep it kissass’ of the elitist establishment class up to that point. No criticism of any kind allowed. But now you have a child welcome before all the energy professionals get to have a word in, with THOUSANDS of solutions around the world as instead WEF lies daily that they care about environment, climate in their ads, knowing deciding every day to hide from the world these thousands of breakthrough clean energy technologies as we advertise continually on all their social medias just to get no likes retweets responses not one ever. No returns to emails, phone calls nothing not ever. Then children with nothing not a single % in efficiency gain, on the stage crafted to political perfection for the radical slandering left. And Gore slandering Trump the non-establishment guy, as Gore ignores the solutions and innovators. I never could have believed it possible if you told me 50,000 times. But now I know the truth.

Climate Grief.png

Of course while we can find common ground with the kids that government officials have done nothing but enrich themselves and use the system, they are merely pawns of those gaming that system on the other side also, lying to them pretending they care about climate and environment but this they do not realize.

If they had any care whatsoever about the environment I would never even have had this chance to make new energy technology they simply would have immediately gone after the innovators and funded them and financed and facilitated them to incalculable unprecedented financial levels. But clearly their so called care is fake as they tirelessly ignore the endless solicitations and emails and social media requests by innovators around the world for help, never funding and never responding. A child was on the stage, not the guy with 2,636 Breakthrough Cleantechs, who could change it all in one conversation, but a child. And they know it. They know it every minute of their lives. They decided it and re-decide every minute of their lives.


Extinction rebellion ignored us time after time after time even snarling at us once. They think instead that today showing up in parliament and stripping naked is a much more productive plan then getting the whole world to switch to better technology by funding the best in history. They couldn’t give a sh$t about Breakthrough Innovators, what is more important than showing your tits and balls in the parliament instead?

Over 200 Climate orgs we have solicited. Not a single one has responded to any level. Including Gore’s Climate Reality. The Reality is I have 2,636 Breakthrough CleanEnergy techs that “Climate Reality” In Reality doesn’t give a shit about, doesn't want to know or know about and doesn’t want to promote to you. We offered FREE ELECTRICITY to WEF, World Bank, IMF, UN, UNDP, UNDPSEA, UNCC, ADB, ADBSEA, 7 Greenpeace offices, TESLA motors Japan Recharge Station, IFC, Softbank, and many more. I can honestly say from having this experience that they are all FAKE as F and don’t give a F about this issue. Sorry to swear on you but I’m not happy about it, I’m an activist not a political fraud like all of these people are. They have totally ignored our many many many repeated offers for YEARS. Not minutes, days, weeks, months YEARS. And they do it all the time again and again and again.

I held back on offering to them for years also because I’m a private type person and thought like all these naive children that I would be an instant celebrity like Greta and didn’t really want that because I didn’t want to face the massive attacks from the Toxic energy establishment and the radial hate filled schill of Scicom coming after you. It is dangerous after all to be in the Breakthrough cleantech business. One technology too good can of course get you killed. I used to be so naive as to also think only nutters would claim that. But of course 100 BILLION $ economies or 90 Trillion dollar industries don’t mind at all making one guy disappear or have some OD or something for a few bucks. This is the Climate Reality. People are being killed over oil all the time, presidents assassinated shortly after announcing a decoupling from the US dollar as oil trading settlement currency. Its practically a suicide pact. You will be dead in less than 6 months should you make it. Denying the patterns is foolish. Many innovators have been killed these are the facts. When you don’t know anything about the industry as I didn’t and hadn’t walked it, you don’t know, it just sounds crazy like nuts. But this is the reality. Wars are fought for oil and money, endless crimes, thugs, highjackings, murders, assasinations, holdups, pipeline raids, illegal refineries, corruption payments, bribes, land lease holdbacks, corrupt regulations, and nowhere to plug in. I had thought they would all want to make money all the investors and that those days are in the past. I had thought that environment and clean energy investment grade would be such an easy sell and everyone would invest. F was I wrong. I couldn’t have been more naive and more absolutely wrong.

The CEO and inventor of Solarbankers, a cryptocurrency just had mysterious heart attack in late October 2018 a perfectly healthy man, who had 35+ techs in cleantech a number of which very good. His team overstated their performance significantly, lying about them radically which was not very cool, and now he’s dead. Maybe he shared something too good? I don’t know. But he’s dead. Another one. It keeps happening. The rate of incidence is nearly expected. 10,000+ x the rate of incidence of public company CEO death is CleanEnergy innovators. Who knows. You don’t want to think it but this is the actual facts.

FACT: There is not one single place in the entire world where an innovator with novel tech can walk up, drop his bank card, plug in and get paid the top rates same as solar for his electricity. Not one place on earth but some guy’s private property in a few not all unregulated energy poor undeveloped nations. Every government has built protections for the energy bosses via their payments, contributions, requests, lobbies, etc for them. They eliminated any chance at competition, at any new players rising, at any innovator doing just that. On top, there are no loans nor finance for any of them under 10 million dollars, no investment, no grants, no matchmakings, no facilitations, nothing. Not anywhere. Not a single place to plug in. Not in California, not in Canada, not in Singapore, not in China, not in Cambodia, not in the UK nor France nor Germany, not anywhere. Of course this would be the MINIMUM ETHICAL STANDARD to even begin to SPEAK that you care about climate change is to have an open grid anyone can participate in and welcome open path for innovators to plug in, with invitations for people like myself, to funding, sponsorship, funding immediately after, and 100% NO LOOK NO TOUCH NO ASK our IP. but instead they make endless lists of lies like “oh what if something blows up!” Sure they can put it out in the countryside, “what if there is pollution leaking!?” sure they can inspect them OUTSIDE the box or container or even put your detectors inside or have the innovator do that, you don’t need to give them free access to the IP for that. But just lies after lies after lies to steal the IP, or just right out demanding IP transfer like China does. Al Gore and Greta nor any Climate org nor any Globalist org has EVER made one place to plug in nor campaigned for one nor spoken of the issue nor done anything about it. We know, we watch them, we asked them to, they ignored us all every mthefking time. All of us, all 49 of us from around the world.

No one is campaigning for this to happen. No one. Just us. If they exist, we sure never saw it, not in 20 years have I ever seen such a thing and none of these people want to connect us to them that’s very very clear.

And now shock of all shocks, the climate orgs including Greta have begun campaigning against new technologies. They say “new technology is not what is needed, we already have all the technology needed!” Wow what a slap in the face to the innovators they never support. But they don’t support anything but intermittent solar and wind. Toxic gas and toxic nuclear is their solution? How the F will you solve it without funding new tech? intermittency is a major problem. Too cold or hot and no solar, 80% of wind is a non-performing asset let alone a payer.

Sustainable Energy Week Asia in Thailand? The organizers have extra space they can’t fill. They are only a conference sales company that do many conferences. They don’t care one iota about these issues. To them it’s just another conference like hair accessories week or plumbing week or home show or international foods show they don’t give a shit what it is. They sell tickets and booth space make money and go home. They don’t give a F about energy, environment nothing. They said this to my face at the event when I was asking them to give startups some free space this year to help the environment as the skies in Bangkok were more polluted than any day in history to red alerts. “No we don’t care about that we are a conference sales company we don’t do free space for anyone.” O.O to me an activist you can imagine the swears the boil inside me right I mean this is like dealing with a reptilian or something for someone like me. It should be for you also. Why the hell isn’t it? People are fkng dying by the MILLIONS and they won’t even give an empty space they can’t sell to a poor local group of kids trying to save their fkng planet and lives. Can you believe it? Fake as F.

But the WHOLE industry about SDG and climate is like that. ALL OF THEM I don’t know and have not met a single organization that actually gives a F about the victims that they would have the passion nor humanity nor care to get one single innovator ever funded nor even a single God damned namedrop. Not one.

Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology? You would think it’s different. HELL NO! Not a single sponsored space, they couldn’t care less, seminar sales company again, if you don’t pay they will blacklist your ass right off the planet from every last singapore agency. We know, we didn’t pay as a matter of conscience and human protest. We are blacklisted in result from every single singapore government anything even outside agencies funded by them, ISPs there our emails are blacklisted from all of them. Not a single energy anything startup was there but for us at SWITCH. NO one was interested to invest in cleantech startups, no one contacted us, not an offer not a deal, not a single guy interested, just wasted money exhibiting. The government officers whizzed by didn’t come to our booth, we chased them but didn’t give us the time of day, the media didn’t talk to us their schedule hectic and busy all of it pre-planned and no intention at all to go looking to get some results for SDG. That was not at all any even idea in their plan, no one gives a F. Its show, its an opportunity for photo ops and politics and rhetoric and then big new commercial megaprojects from taxpayer money they get a free slice of or big consultation or speaking contracts in and votes. Startups? F you, get lost.

CleanEnergy week Cambodia? Not a single mention of startups, not a funder, not a deal, not a pitch, not a finance, not a fking nothing. They didn’t want you asking 2 questions hell no you cant be the one getting attention, you have a startup? Didnt pay for a slot? F off. Only 10+ million, no finance for startups no we don’t know about startup anything. No investor lists, no investor panels, no companies looking to support them, no bosses looking to, none even asked. Endless funding from governments to promote climate change, but a single dollar trickling down to the startups nor innovators. What a fkng joke. MAYBE 3–4 months later one email saying “incubate for 6 months, winners $250 prize”

China low carbon city exhibition? No pitches for startups, no investors, no deals, nothing organized for it, Director yelling he wants our tech after our standing ovation by Denmark government whole crowd, world bank officials, but not a $, ignored us 10 + times afterward. WB didn’t answer our emails nor Denmark. Not a single deal.

And they hate a critic ohhhhh they all HATE a critic. I criticized the usa and Slush Tokyo because it was the same shit. I let em have it on linked-in. We again were the ONLY clean energy or energy ANYTHING at billed as “the #1 startup event in Asia.” Slush fking Tokyo. We were the ONLY Sustainable ANYTHING. We didn’t get a main stage pitch, cause what the F is Cleanenergy when Fukushima down the road was bilging the radioactive waste water into the ocean that very fking week?? Oh no you wouldn’t want any CleanEnergy Breakthrough on the stage, F no!

Our linkedin was blocked shut down after we pitched for a minute on the side stage. No one from Slush tokyo ever spoke to us again. A minute on the side stage. They didn’t even schedule it, we had to fight for the spot. The service was awful, run by volunteers despite the massive fees to get in. Not one sponsored spot for us as 350,000 Japanese kids are radiated to their deaths by Fukushima all have cancer and these Slush people don’t give a F. No deals, no offers, no announcements of such, they don’t keep up with it, what the F do they care. We were even TEACHING the directors up at Fukushima Daiichi on our own free time as an unpaid Startup how to deal with the Tritium water, a little startup, FOR FREE with no money from anyone, not a call not a deal, this our volunteer action just out of interest to help. Think anyone cares? F no. No one cares. We told tons of people about it, media etc, no one even got back to us.

AOE Censored.png

It is amazing to me now. It’s amazing that I ever could have been so naive to think that anyone actually gives a F. A lot of people told me no, they will never help, it will take years and years to get your first money. I was so angry at them I thought they were so stupid. I thought I could do it. I knew I had the best technology in history and an incredible business plan in fact hundreds of pages of it planned to perfection and no one even cared to look at it.

We solicited maybe 100 media and no one wrote about us. They all just ignored us or said Pay to Play. Bloomberg offered to put us on the show once we were fully commercialized and got an investor. They told us to ask for at least 50–250 Million Dollars. They have no idea what it’s really like though. They have no idea.

Of course I want 100% Clean energy. The toxic energy industry lies all the time, endlessly like Satan. But the Climate cartel is no better. They lie just as much if not more. They help way less. They invest way less. The biggest interest I ever got was from Saudi Fkng Aramco. Satan himself. Not Gore, not Greta, not the WEF. Aramco, at the WEF. It was like a trap from hell. WEF telling me to get the F out and Satan himself coming to say we want clean energy too. I said what Jesus said on the mountain.

1.5Trillion Climate Cartel.png

As the US government hides 5,800 seized energy technologies in FACT searchable by anyone to know about it in a few clicks, the Climate Cartel spends 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS a year on political attack ads, their friends cartels and megadeals, and never supports funds, invests to facilitates, helps nor matchmakes a single innovator. Not one, not ever. The media said “We get paid to do ads on climate all the time, what the hell do we need you for? WHO cares innovator, PAY TO PLAY!!”

Al Gore’s Climate reality when we offered to pitch at his events? When we asked for support, when we asked for referrals when we asked for help to find an investor, when we asked Gore to come see our tech? They said nothing again and again and again and again. THATS THE CLIMATE REALITY.

So here we are. I have been grinding and pitching for 4 years.

Since I started over 43 MILLION PEOPLE ARE DEAD just from Breathing.
Over 4.5 MILLION Chinese are DEAD.

92% Dont breathe safe air.png

I started there and after 15 months left the country after pitching across 12 cities to endless ovations, verbal awards and “NO FOREIGNERS!!!!”. Once I had been everywhere and learned that there has NEVER been a single deal to a foreign in China Startup in human history, and a thousand + rich bosses told us to go F ourselves we will never invest to Foreigner in China as MILLIONS of their own countrymen they were killing all around them every day by the THOUSANDS, I knew it was time to move on.

But, NO one gives a F. Not the WEF, not WHO who we also solicited many times, not the UN, not the UNCC, not the climate orgs, certainly not the Impact investors, no one.


I support the Climate realists in their calls for fraud and scam of the Climate LIARS industry but am sickeningly in the middle hearing the endless Bullshit lies of the toxic energy death dealers lying about renewables.

Sure, wind is shit. Sure, solar is shit compared to my tech. Its nice they attack them, but no one hears the better alternative anyway. The climate and SDG mob will never say a word about us. And they won’t start. Even if I was Nikola Tesla Reincarnate, that I wasn’t in New York or San Fransicko, they will never care one iota. They don’t care about you, your family me, the world, NOTHING. They don’t give a F if you are DEAD TOMORROW. They don’t give a F. They won’t care nor do ANYTHING not this year, not next year not in 10 motherfkng years. NOTHING. ITS ALL FAKE.

If not, go ahead, make me eat my words, bring me ONE 2.6 Million dollar fkng SEEDROUND investor at favorable terms. Not precedent setting which they OWE TO THE WORLD. Not 400 million like they give to Bullshit ponzi scooter fkng apps not 330 MILLION to FAKE REALITY GAME startups as TENS OF MILLIONS DIE FOR REAL….. just 2.6 MILLION in escrow to the lawyers. Don’t need to trust me with a single dollar. Ill work for just $1,000 a month and take no money out until they are paid back 3x over. BRING ONE OR SHUT YOUR FKNG MOUTH that supposedly anyone cares.

NO ONE CARES about this world or these people. If they did THOUSANDS of innovators everywhere would be funded, THOUSANDS of people looking for them scouring the fkng earth for them and EVERYONE would be helping. NO ONE GIVES A F. Even Gore alone, ONE MAN has enough money to fund THOUSANDS of innovators. So does Gates, so Does Dicaprio so do all the big talkers and their networks have thousands and thousands more rich friends. But the truth is they have ALL been solicited countless times by REAL TECH INNOVATORS with Breakthroughs. ALL OF THEM MANY MANY TIMES.

They are Lying to all of you.

So. Its a shitty shitty fact but fact it is. So what are you gonna do? I want to Change The World. I am giving my life to Change The World. If you know anyone someone anyone you can talk to that may invest or know someone who may invest, TALK TO ME. Lets try to get them to actually do it.

There is a war on for your world. And I, am FIGHTING IT.


Go to the profile of Alpha Omega Energy
Alpha Omega Energy
CCTWO - Chief Engineer 2,888 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies. Small Private Innovator of Change. #1 In Breakthrough Energy Solutions. Charge It All!!


Wow - that was quite a read!! The best investment any and all of us can make is to use less, in our personal worlds, and to unplug from the mainstream which sells ideas and tech which are destroying us. Finding investors is always about enticing.... helping them to feel good about being part of a solution. Wishing you well with that.

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Thx for the comment I appreciate it. Fumbling around learning Steem. It's a good suggestion. Investors can be part of something great. It's a good message to make sure to get in everywhere in every message.

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