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It is astounding that there is no single trade on the multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency ecosystem that would address every one of the issues of the issues relating to transparency, security, scalability, smart contract among others.
Apparently, wherever we looked, we constantly discovered imperfections or irregularities even where there ought to be a top of the line fintech infrastructure. Terrible UIs, a confounding enrollment process, the absence of essential trade capacities, or low effectiveness among others sums up some of the most regular issues.
This is the time to rejoice because there is now a platform with a huge value proposition to address these issues. Sonata, an innovative and revolutionary infrastructure an advanced sharing application, gives answers for every one of these issues and adds numerous new plans to the diversion.

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*Key highlights: The Sonata infrastructure has all that you require from a dependable develop stage
*Astounding security: Crucial and most significant efforts are put in place to secure investment across all board and this allows you to concentrate on your business without stress.
*Worked To Perform: designers invested hours examining the experience of expert agents to make a really diverting interface.
*AI Prediction: Sonata utilizes ongoing business sector information and a propelled AI calculation to foresee future value patterns. This is an extraordinary insight and dynamism for learners.
*Margin Trading: Minimal exchanging is a specialist apparatus used to adjust profit. The loan specialist is remunerated with intrigue.
Dissimilar to other ICO initiatives, for the trading of Sonata, no extra assets are required for advancement. On account of a solid financial specialist behind the project, the assets got at the ICO stage won't influence the advancement procedure. The main motivation behind why the conceptualizers discharge their token is to pull in early financial specialists and raise to 80% of the benefits.
There are a few different ways to get SONT tokens - through an open deal, the referral program or as payment for effective exchanges on the trade. The trading expense will be one of a few automated revenue strategies for the two speculators and Sonata engineers.

Purchasing the official token, SONT is an extraordinary and dream investment. The token will be recorded in the chosen encrypted exchanges and is expected to be an unfaltering increment at the expense of the token because of the liberal advantages to the token holders. The best-preferred standpoint is getting easy revenue from exchange charges that will be paid to all holders. This isn't science, however a straightforward condition of free market activity. The clearance of tokens will be isolated into four phases. At each stage, you can get an exceptional reward.

Symbol os Sonata Token: ARE
Token standard: ERC20
Total Value of token: 500,000,000
Total tokens available to be purchased: 250,000,000
Value of the Sonata Toke: 1 ETH = 1,789 SONT
Accepted Currencies: VTS, LTS, ETN
Lowest Acceptable Transaction: 1,000 ARE
Hardcap: $ 21,000,000
Token deal date: October 8, 2018

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According to infographics made available, purchasing alone isn't the best way to get the tokens. You can get tokens as an exchanging reward. This reward framework will be initiated in the initial form of the Sonata infrastructure. Basically, they will appropriate 5% of all issued tokens + tokens that were not sold amid the ICO venture.
In collaboration with some critical stakeholders, the initiators have arranged a liberal referral program. On the off chance that you contact another client, you will be remunerated each time they purchase SONT tokens. Apparently, you will get extra tokens that will be equivalent to 10% of the tokens acquired by your referral amid the ICO. These tokens will be credited to your crypto wallet when the buy is finished. Like we are meant to understand cookies elapse after 30 days. No SEM limitations.


Public Token Sale: 50%
Bounty System: 5%
Team, Investors, experts: 20%
Acquisition: 25%

Platform: 16%
Further Advancement of the Infrastructure: 25%
Legal: 9%
Marketing, PR, Advertising: 23%
Administrators, Operation: 8%
Security: 19%

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Like I said and have always reiterated, Sonata is the future of trade and exchanges globally. It is bringing a new dynamism to the Blockchain ecosystem. Sonata will widen the scope of operation outside the world. Obviously, for me, I trust that with its potential, huge transparency thrust, security, and its qualities, no doubt Sonata will have a solid a dependable balance on exchange ecosystem in the crypto world. Sonata is driving a robust dynamism in the exchange markets, bringing about moderately expansive limits or better still discounts on deals.

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