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The emergence of the blockchain network and discovery of the Internet came with it a whole lot of innovation and digital technical savvy solution that revolutionized the way we do things from the global perspective. These two biggest digital discoveries, for example, the blockchain was to entrench more transparency, swiftness in transactions introduce the decentralized model and also make use of the smart contract.
As interesting as this may be to providing a crucial digital solution to our problems globally, the blockchain technology still has a long way to attaining the expected height with gluts of challenges in the network that has mitigated the sustained global adoption of the technology. From the issue of insecurity and users compromised data, non-transparent dealings among others that have been the bane of the blockchain technology.
Similarly, there is no gainsaying that each historic global innovation that we have experienced brings its own issues and challenges brought about by manipulations and this aptly describes the present issues bedeviling the internet.
Consistently, hacking issues occasioned by security vulnerabilities, malware attack and a lot of malicious activities which attracts and causes squandering of a huge amount of cash, time, exertion and resources loss. If you must know, the internet breach is a global pandemonium and challenge that plunges resources of huge corporations, countries, and individuals consistently.
Basically, there is a critical need for an answer and solution to these challenges, one that gives us ease from our apprehension and fears since we utilize the web as a crucial prerequisite for information.
This is basically where the HONEYPOD innovative and revolutionary architecture is coming with a value proposition to nip these problems in the bud and become a definitive answer for solving security issues on the internet.

Honeypod features.jpg
As I said, Honeypod is an innovative online internet privacy infrastructure replete with swifter internet speed and an amazing reward system put in place to incentivize users for utilizing the web. This basically means making use of the honeybox by the retinue of clients attract a collection of cryptographic forms of money. This infrastructure according to trusted experts in the global security management ecosystem is what the world has been waiting for in safeguarding our internet security and privacy.

Honeypod 3.jpg
Honeypod comes with it quite a lot of features, that is instrumental to the steady adoption, with the innovative honeypod features;
*Utilizers of this invaluable and fascinating framework possesses an underlying capability in appraising their catalog of data graphically. Furthermore Malevolent software prosecuted by the vulnerable structure is incessantly documented by a log in a file format. Basically, the clients can open these files to trail actions and assault in the past.
*Honeypod in greater contrast with other projects comes with actual products. Sold by the members of the project, utilizers of the network will possess the ability to set up this system on their computers in the swiftest of time.
*This revolutionary framework’s major objective is to become accustomed to varieties of present-day technologies, basically as a result of the usage of this framework the state of the entire system ranging from the s technically savvy home appliances to the computer can be seamlessly observed.

*Furthermore, it is paramount to note that gluts have faced numerous challenges following disruptions in the DNS in cryptographic form of money ecosystem. Like we are aware, internet fraudsters and manipulators conversant with the shortfalls in the deoxyribonucleic acid has the ability to amass data of the clients via overstepping the openings. Interestingly, the Honeypod revolutionary DNS blocking system mitigates utilizers from distorting their DNS without human input.

*On board the Honeypod infrastructure, the utilizers of the platform have the ability to cordon some websites, document, and programmes from gaining access if they so desire. Honeypod also has the ability to cordon off data from websites that have marked as dangerous or spam without inflicting any damage to the system
Invariably, every client possesses his or her database outline, hence they can keep an eye on the functionality procedures and meticulous reportage of their device via the personal database outline.

*Another interesting feature of the honeypod platform is premised on the fact that its incorporated VPS service has made it possible for users not to tinker with a third party software option. The conventional VPS system gathers the gluts of users data and markets them to huge corporations and entities. Note also that onboard the framework users data cannot be disseminated with other bodies.
*Note also that one aspect of the Honeypod system that has also attracted rave reviews from trusted experts among others is premised on the fact that the system safeguards each and every stratum in the platform and is not limited to the device alone. This it achieves via development of firewalls atop various devices. It also mitigates computer software creators from gaining unsolicited admittance to the systems.

Honeypod team.png
With a vastly experienced team with enormous capability in the security, internet protection, and the blockchain technology, we can rest be assured that the answer to global challenges and to the problem of internet insecurity shall be a thing of the past. The team boast of individuals that have made their mark in the global digital technology ecosystem.

The Honeypod platform can easily be referred to as the future of the internet, it brings back the confidence that has been long lost; and for leveraging on the blockchain technology, it will attract more adoption and make our world a better and safer place while surfing the internet.

For more inquiries, please don’t hesitate to to click on the links below:

Website: http://honeypod.org
Telegram: https://t.me/honeypod
Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gethoneypod

Bitcointalk Username: Danda23
Bitcointalk Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2526977

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