Review Unboxed: Introducing Influencer Marketing 2.0

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Unboxed gives us the ability to attract a "Blockchain-based" network of people who are paid to post on Instagram / YouTube / Twitter / Facebook. They say more than 100 brands - including Microsoft, Nestle and Mars - have paid to use their services.

The idea behind this decentralized network is "everyone is influential" and people can make money from social media outlets.

Name of the token: Unboxed
Notation: NBOX
Pre-ICO: 15/6/2018 - 31/7/2018
End of ICO: 1/8/2018 - 30/9/2018
Number of cards for sale: 750.000 TOKEN
Minimum goal: USD 1,500,000
Maximum: $ 15,000,000
Token Price: 1 NBOX = 0.057 USD
Currency accepted: ETH
Minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH
Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC 20
Country of registration: Lithuania


What is Uboxed?

Unboxed is a fully functional technology used by over 100 global brands (including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Baltics).

Over 40,000 lines of code, 100 repetitions and product cycles throughout the year have enabled the company to provide a large-scale word-of-mouth campaign consisting of millions of everyday social media users.

Unboxed provides the perfect cure for companies wasting time and money on influential marketing companies based on in-depth processes for finding influential people, negotiating and management of relationships.

These high-touch processes limit the number of social media users who can participate in word-of-mouth campaigns, and businesses often end up working with a small group of social media users. influential or celebrity. With blockchain and AI.


The idea behind Unboxed is to let everyone get a part of a huge industry. Companies spend a lot of money on social media advertising but it is not always wisely spent.

This proposal builds on a network of trusted social media professionals that companies can use to spread their campaign news in a more efficient way.

Users will earn rewards when they post about what they love and companies can expect higher engagement because of this. This is an active business that has a lot of customers, has run successful campaigns and has a good community on Telegram.

A freemium model will be used by Unboxed, meaning companies only pay for the results. For investors, they would hope that the value of the cards increase as they become more demanded because more companies work with them.


Working Group on Unboxed led by CEO & Founder Tadas Deksnys. Unboxed is the third company he has founded, with his first social network for pet owners with a built-in market.

Their marketing specialist called Ieva Mackevičiūtė and Vilius Vaičiulis are software developers in the project. The team continues with CBDO Donatas Smailys, Business Developer Augustinas Tarabilda, CMO Dovydas Reinikevičius, Marketing Specialist Vėjūnė Krašinskienė, and others.

In total, there are 12 core team members listed on the site, based in Lithuania.


8 mentors are listed on the site and 10 in white papers. Although most of the images are missing on the Unboxed page at the time of writing, you can view them on blank paper.

These advisors include Juergen Brock, Daniel Tawiah, Cristobal Alonso, Paul Scott and Tadas Langaitis. Together, they bring a lot of experience from other companies and industries.


Opportunities & Risks
White Paper Unboxed does a good job of showing us a great opportunity as to how this area represents. Social media spending by companies around the world is estimated at $ 36 billion. This project allows people to get a piece of cash by becoming a social media expert.

It's an attractive idea and the fact that the business is ready and running adds to the opportunity for the opportunity.

At risk, the team made a good comparison chart showing the current competitive landscape, with Unboxed being well positioned to make a positive impact. There are no risks in the White Paper, although we believe that standard issues such as technological change and legal issues should be considered as potential risks here.

The idea behind Unboxed is strong. Using social media professionals to advertise a brand and then pay them a smart idea is likely to attract a lot of people. The team has also made a good case for why Blockchain is needed, on the platform they have built and is currently using.

White Paper introduces a bit of blockchain specifications. It is not clear whether they believe these details are unnecessary because they have had a product (not Blockchain) working or whether they lacked the details so far.


The team is very strong and they seem to have a good view of where they want to go. This is definitely a noteworthy ICO, as it has a lot of positive things about it.

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