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With the recent rising boom in cryptocurrency economy and marketplaces, an overwhelming majority of wealth created through crypto tokens has stayed in the possession of project founders, developers, and capital investors. Those who have invested their time and resources, the common users and works, rewards for them have been inadequate resulting in inconsistent and underwhelming experience of cryptocurrency industry.

That’s where Boomerang comes in with a smart solution. It is an operating protocol for cryptocurrency projects relying on Blockchain technology to reward users of the platform adequately that’s proportional to the performance as well as the usage. This is a programmatic, feedback based reward protocol that aims for fair distribution of wealth among the stakeholders of Blockchain projects. Not to mention, it also diminishes the odds of inherent centralization that usually results from concentration of crypto wealth.

Boomerang is a digitally smart and unique financial management model, the first ever of its kind. It has been utilized in the Masternet community platform to make the full use of its potential. The exchange rate subsidy and supply balancing between BTC and MASH will encourage MASH to grow steadily over each Boomerang cycle resulting in better distribution of wealth.

Benefits for Stakeholders

Boomerang protocol develops an environment of mutual trust backed by Blockchain infrastructure. That's why information collected through transactions is not owned by any party and can't be misused or manipulated by a third party. Only smart contract functions have the capability of recording and storing transactions and then they are verified through approval system in place. That's why Boomerang brings forward a secure and decentralized financial rewarding system that's objectively based on the users' feedback and usage.

In any Blockchain project, the value is created by the users or the community within the project. In conventional client-server architectures, project founders subject users to redundant and unnecessary advertising by using personal data of the users with the aim to monetize their business. With the involvement of blockchain technology, however, we can foster a healthy community where users are empowered to acquire real value.

Boomerang Smart Contracts

The Boomerang smart contracts contain the blockchain rationale for clients, laborers and organizations to peruse and store information on the blockchain. The agreements are the fundamental establishment of entire Boomerang ecosystem. The agreements are composed in solidity and accumulated into bytecode for execution in the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The smart contract capacities give clients, laborers and organizations the benefit to communicate with each other and additionally characterize the parameters of the framework to suit the utilization instances of a specific business. For instance, the agreement capacities make it workable for clients to rate exchanges, see advance towards reliability remunerate objectives and deal with their tokens as a completely fluid money on a decentralized system. The smart contracts enable workers to keep tabs on their development towards procuring execution based rewards.

Organizations join the ecosystem community through an underlying contract call, after which they can include and expel workers, characterize execution based rewards and make client devotion programs for their clients that are automatically executed by the agreement in reaction to occasions activated by client activities. The communications between client, specialist and business accounts in the biological system are moreover fortified by the Boomerang growth to support interest in the system by giving extra rewards and motivations over existing prize structures for quicker development and selection.

Boomerang on Masternet

With the help of Boomerang system, Masternet has been able to devise a highly profitable reward based packages plan for the users including multiple types of bonuses such as:

• 5% Direct Sponsor Bonus
• Pairing Bonus
• 2X20 Filled-Up Bonus
• 2X20 Leverage Bonus

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