Koinomo - platform for the future of fund management using Smart contract's based on blockchain Technology

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Koinomo is a digital asset investment fund based on blockchain technology and uses smart contracts. Due to the fact that the fund's management provides a constant search for new and promising crypto and blockchain projects, investors can count on the maximum return on their investments.

The Koinomo “Portal” platform https://koinomo.finance/ - is created on the Binance Smart Chain and uses its smart contract and introduces a banking style system. The portal controls transactions with bitcoins that are entered into the fund's wallet.

Manages funds

Invevstorm funds are managed with different approaches and long and short strategies positions are used.

  • 54.5% of the funds were allocated for a short-term strategy on the Koinomo trading platform itself, while trading in BTC to fiat and BTC to crypto pairs. This allows to get high profits now, as well as have significant profit potential in the future. Koinomo analysts select low risk pairs to receive high profits while safeguarding funds. For example, pairs, Bitcoin (BTC) / USD, Ripple (XRP) / BTC, Ethereum (ETH) / BTC, Binance Coin (BNB) / BTC, Litecoin (LTC) / BTC, Cardano (ADA) / BTC, (NEO) / BTC, and Monero (XMR) / BTC.


Distribution in trading desk funds: 73.9% - BTC / USD, 9% - XRP / BTC and ETH / BTC, 17.1% - small cap coins

  • Another part of the funds - 45.5% - holding BTC reserves, they are placed in cold wallets, this will ensure security and also provide a storage service for those who do not have such an opportunity.

Koinomo Investment Rules

Koinomo is interested in a transparent and trusting relationship with its investors, and therefore, when investing a minimum investment period, you can exit the fund at any time, this allows the investor to keep his funds under full control.

Koinomo Fund charge a commission of 20% only on profits, this means that the fund earns only when its investors receive profits, which gives confidence in the effective work of the Koinomo team.


How profit is distributed on Koinomo

The profit received on the Koinomo platform is distributed in a ratio of 8: 2, which means that the investor receives 80% of the income, and Koinomo - 2%. These funds are credited to the investor's account and will increase until he withdraws his funds.


Initial Token Distribution

Initial Token Distribution.png

Sale Proceed Allocation

Sale Proceed Allocation.png



In conclusion, it is important to say that Koinomo is an investment fund that also has risks when investing and there will be profits on some days, but in some there may be losses, but it will be profitable in the long term for investors since the cryptocurrency world is actively developing and the rates of active cryptocurrencies are constantly moving up. This is ensured by the fact that most of the invested funds are used for a long-term perspective, but also Koinomo analysts monitor the market on a daily basis and monitor changes to keep abreast of all trends and innovations.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the project makes a profit only from income and does not take a commission from investors, regardless of whether they received income from their investments or not. This gives the confidence that Koinomo is interested in doing their job well and making profitable deals.




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