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Today almost everyone loves to listen to music and choose it according to different preferences, someone it inspires, motivates, uplifting, removes from pressing problems, for someone is the meaning of life and a source of income. When we do physical training, we just lie down and play songs.

About the positive aspects of music can say quite a lot, but now there are many problems for the creation and distribution of its authors, as more and more pirated copies appear with the help of digitalization, as a result of revenues are reduced several times.

The Internet has brought a lot of scams into this industry as studios, advertising platforms that promise more listeners and buyers for their distribution services without presenting transparent and reliable reports. Newcomers musicians, songwriters find it difficult to break into the market, large companies have monopolized it and require large investments for promotion.

That is, the current centralized music resources think most about their personal benefit in the form of profit, as they are approached by a large number of content creators, leave the interests of talents behind, sometimes they can even assign themselves or other people their work.

Thus, the shortcomings in this industry in the form of fair remuneration, assignment of copyright and easier access to the market are revealed. And fixing them takes a project called Imusify!
Imusify creates a decentralized platform that combines content creators from musicians to artists with their fans, like-minded people without a lot of intermediaries based on blockchain technology, which will help to transparently monitor the use of any song, any other type of information and immediately receive a reward for it.

Such a system will motivate artists and musicians much more to create their masterpieces, to make copyright on them, to establish their own rules for their use by other people and to be sure that they will receive payment for each download, listening.

I am already using and studying the demo version of this platform, where you can listen to music from different authors, put them voices and see how much they have already received for it. Try it and you too at this link https://imusify.io/channels ahhh! In my opinion, in this way Imusify will be able to open the world more talented and unknown creative people, will make more money, create strong communities.

Imusify will be able to revolutionize not only the music and art industry, but also show other areas how to tokenize different types of businesses, distribute them globally, help beginners monetize their work from anywhere in the world. All operations on the platform will be performed using its own IMU token, developed on the basis of the NEO blockchain.

The public sale of tokens will begin on March 1, 2019, with 1 billion tokens released, 550 million will be available for private and public sale, the rest will be distributed among the platform creators(team), partners and participants helping to promote this project.

If you are an ardent fan of music or write great songs, then all the necessary links to monetize your creative work or just to listen to new songs leave below:







Demo version



UNIQUENESS 100%: https://text.ru/antiplagiat/5c668563ac250

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Great music platform on the blockchain, heard about it recently too!

The music industry really needed a revolutionary change, Imusify can actually implement!

Creative project, will help with the successful implementation of many beginners to enter the market!

Blockchain eliminates many disadvantages of centralized resources and it's cool!

This will give a great impetus to the development of music, I am glad that the team has chosen such a promising direction!

Thank you for the great article, I will now listen to new interesting songs on this platform!

Congratulations @aivaryamal!
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