EOS Wins BlockAward 2018: Award for Best Protocol / Blockchain Platform

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EOS rounds up BlockAward 2018 in the Best in Protocols / Platforms category during the official ceremony held in San Jose, California. EOS seems best related to a dApp (decentralized application) hub among the many cryptocurrency platforms that offer the same services.

While the EOS team has been working on the development of its systems, users have shown an increased interest in the dApps of its ecosystem. Ethereum has dominated the app market for some time, but seems to be losing control to make way for EOS.

EOS as the best platform / protocol

Although the price of the EOS cryptocurrency is quite small compared to the Ether (ETH), behind-the-scenes efforts highlight technological advances that meet the real expectations of users.

All the more so, the EOS platform received the BlockAward 2018, marking the beginning of a new era of blockchain innovation.

"We are proud to announce that #EOSIO has been awarded the #BlockAward 2018 Award for Best Protocols / Platforms," ​​the EOS announced in a tweet on August 31.

The news comes days after the EOS platform beat Ethereum in the Chinese standings . His technology leadership is the primary reason why EOS has been honored with this year's BlockAward Award.

Visibility is also one of the notable benefits of this cryptocurrency . The EOS #BuiltOnEOSIO initiative promotes its uniqueness, and is well on its way to becoming a true dApp hub with the recent integration of a music ecosystem on EOS.

Emanate works in collaboration with the EOS

The streaming company headquartered in Sydney Emanate has confirmed the building of its brand on the EOS platform. Cryptocurrency is robust enough to minimize price fluctuations, which should contribute to the development of Emanate.

According to a manager's tweet at EOS:

"Today, on #BuiltOnEOSIO, we put the #DAPP projector on @EmanateOfficial, a Sydney-based company that builds a network of collaboration and music streaming on #EOSIO. "

The Emanate website clarifies the agreement as follows :

"Whenever artists collaborate, an agreement is executed on the distributed ledger. It brings clear transparency to artists, and for music producers and record companies, the partnership accelerates the negotiation process with all parties involved. "
This collaboration will enable Emanate to become the "music monetization platform powered by a Blockchain. "
"We think there should be a place on the Internet where artists can download the final audio tracks they can collaborate on, integrate them into other systems, assimilate them, and finally allow payments to be returned to authors in real time. Added CEO Sean Gardner.

Numecca, a Reddit user gave his opinion on the news by saying:

"The industry is tapping on the back like the golden globes. No value. "
Tokenleak, another Reddit subscriber, responded to Numecca's comment and wrote :
"It may be a pat on the back, but the team behind EOS is incredibly passionate individuals who work together for a cause they know is much more important than themselves. This caliber of collaborative goal will always win a battle against those whose greatest motivation is personal gain. "
Princess Bubblegum, had a different point of view on the issue. She said on Twitter:
"Who awards prizes in a decentralized industry? What does it matter? "

What do you think of the best platform / protocol awarded to the EOS? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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