Weekly Report of PalletOne R&D Department

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【Underlying Chain】
【Application Ecology】Met with blockchain application developers, and discussed the enterprise blockchain applications cooperation issues based on PalletOne.
【Digital Identity Research】Built a Fabric 1.0 network to understand the directory structure and certificate format of MSP.
【Digital Identity Research】Built ca environment, use the client to call the ca server module with SDK, including registering admin, common users, revocation, querying certificates, etc.
【Jury Contract Execution】Completed the installation of the contract module under multi-node, deployment, debugging vrf and module codes optimization.
【Jury Contract Execution】Debugged partial Jury locking mode.
【Block Explorer】Completed the installation of ES and Redis set group, and completed relevant document writing.
【Transaction Pool Pressure Testing And Code Optimization】Adjusted and pressure tested the interface of transaction pool.
【Transaction Pool Pressure Testing And Code Optimization】Repaired the map concurrent read and write problems during the pressure testing process.
【Transaction Pool Pressure Testing And Code Optimization】Pressure tested the adjusted single node and 5 node: the time to acquire 4700 transaction was reduced from more than 1 minute to 100ms.
【Transaction Pool Pressure Testing And Code Optimization】Fixed the error that utxoQuery can’t get data.
【Transaction Pool Pressure Testing And Code Optimization】txSimulator acquired read and write set according to chainIndex, combed the contract call procedure and usage scenario. The unit synchronization process can be synchronized with a single transaction but cannot be obtained.
【Transaction Pool Pressure Testing And Code Optimization】Repaired the transaction pool local transaction data file recovery error.
【Transaction Pool Pressure Testing And Code Optimization】Split the read ad write lock of transaction pool.
【PalletOne P2P】Cross-region token display and cross-node node link display.
【PalletOne P2P】Debugged the light node header data active synchronization.
【PalletOne P2P】Tested the stability of the P2P network. Added a console method to send a fake unit.
【Margin Contract】Completed the writing of partial testing cases.
【Margin Contract】Completed most of the scripts required to run test cases.
【Margin Contract】Tracked and coordinated the problem of multiple function calls when executing system contracts.
【Contract】Type adjustment, self-testing, and document updating of voting contracts.
【Contract】Realized the self-testing of prc721, and the document can be used.
【Mediator Consensus】Dynamically changed the number of active mediators at the time of the change.
【Mediator Consensus】Tested and optimized related features of active mediator volume changes and fix related bugs.
【GOC Main Network Docking】Participated in the GOC main network to start the drill, deployed the BP node of PalletOne, and access the GOC main network and verification.
【Wallet】Assisted to solve the problem of rpc obtaining account list.
【Wallet】Got familiar with fabric project and cryptography implementation, migrated bccsp to palletone branch.
【Test】Modified the test case for creating, signing, sending, and querying the transaction process, modified it to introduce keywords, and added data-driven styles.
【Test】Tested the case of high concurrency packaging and bulk transaction packaging.
【Traceability】Programmed the traceability front-end home page, details page, login page.
· PalletOne Tech Daily delivers a fresh technical breakfast for community users in every morning.
· There is a total of 29 media reports in and abroad with 29 articles, covering more than 20 high-quality media channels, like toutiao, kb.qq.com, weibo, Jianshu, Xiaomiquan, Jinsecaijing, Hecaijing and Weilaicaijing.
· PalletOne Test Network Million Bounty Rewards Continued: During the PalletOne test network test, in order to encourage community developers to actively try and submit bugs, PalletOne will officially award rewards to developers who submit bugs.
· On March 15th, Zhu Peijiang, head of PalletOne Global Community and CTO Zeng Yi, received Zhu Liangliang, Chairman of Noye Technology in Beijing, and provided PalletOne with the underlying ledger and consensus support for the “Logistics Finance Chain” after the main net is online. A preliminary intention was reached.

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