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As you know, I love consistent learning. And if you follow my posts, then remember that I have made a low poly character and he is waiting for me to make an animation for him of idle, running, turning and walking. But I can’t just take it and make a good animation for it. I had to learn about the book "The Animators Survival Kit" Learn the basic principles of animation. I tried 2D animation in a blender. As I said before, animation is a very interesting and magical activity. As my drawing skill improves, I will continue to do animation and will probably make a cartoon, video clip or even a movie in the future.


Useful links:
12 Principles of Animation
51 Animation Challenges for Blender 2.8

I also liked the interface for 2D animation:


How many opportunities are around us! We live in a great time! We must continue to develop and create!

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oh gosh, loooooooooooooove this post so much !!!

i really like how you show the initial very basic movements of the pendulum, before transitioning to the smooth swinging versions <3 Even adding the version where it keeps meeting the walls on either sides!


imma really make time to see if i can learn animation this weekend ! you've inspired me !!!!!

Blender is really coming together nicely, I saw some vids on the grease pencil also that thing is insane. Nice work. Seeing the ball animation made me think of old action script flash tutorials , we are way beyond that now. !tipuvote 0.5

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