BLACK KITTENS MATTER!!! This week's Caturday feature is Oscar.

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Happy Caturday y'all!

Time for some more kitty porn...

This weeks Black Kittens Matter feature is Oscar, our biggest fattest fluff ball. He's even bigger than his twin brother Owen. Not by much but he is a little bigger. Maybe it is because Oscar has not one but two fatty tumors on his sides.


Oscar was sitting in the chair like this licking himself. He looked up to see me with the camera in his face. He let out a huff and started chattering with me. Oscar is our talker. Despite his size making come off a little intimidating, he's a real big love ball. He the sweetest of all the kitties and wouldn't hurt a fly. He loves to cuddle and will snuggle up next to you purring loudly. His fur is so soft. He and Owen both have the softest fur for big fat fluff balls. Oscar loves laying on the middle of the floor belly up with his crotch out too. He and Owen both love doing this HA HA. If you look closely you can see Owen in this picture down on the floor below.


Remember if you have a black cat, or you ARE a black cat. Don't forget to use the #blackkittensmatter tag. If we can start a #catsofsteemit tag for a cat community here on Steemit why can't we start a Black Kittens Matter movement started for all the black kitties out there too? Why not? Let's have some fun with this!

Thanks for looking and have a happy Caturday!


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Fluffy cats matter too!

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Soon I'm going to make a cute cat post with Zeus and one of the black ones. Zeus will be saying ALL cats matter protesting Black Kittens Matter HA HA.

All cats matter, even the Scary ones :-)IMG_2831.JPG


Is that scary Mary?


My first picture of her.

Unbelievable how superstition and Halloween crap placed black cats in the spot they are in some places of the world .
From experience i know black male cat's have a very good and friendly character . It's the red's you need to keep an eye on .

I did paint this cat ones , or didn't i ....... paint a cat ;-)



Looks like he is doing the wiggle butt dance.


Lol, he sure is , i left out the mouse tail and guts he was holding .
The wiggle butt dance is a tactic cat's use to catch a mouse .
They might look cute but are ruthless hunters in nature .
A bit like hippies with claws ... :-)

Black kittens definitely matter, and Oscar is a fine ambassador for the tag! I have now added it to my favorites on SteemPeak and will start using it, too... "movements" just need people to start moving!

Happy Caturday!