Why are Whites Mad at Blackfamous For?

in #blackfamous3 years ago (edited)

I'm on twitter; last night I laughed at a tweet about Anita Baker, under #Blackfamous - today I hear white people are upset; calling the tag Divisive; and of course, blaming black people ... while missing the entire 'reason' the tag came up.

This lil image sums it all up; so well.

source : https://twitter.com/melaniejade_/status/1205925399672184832

Reminds me of the BET narrative that's been around for 20+ years; "Why is there a BET? what if there was a White Entertainment Television?" - found this in response to a tweet from "Joe Pags" ... a very racist radio host who influences a LOT of white people. He's calling it divisive so other whites are repeating the talking point; like they do with b.s. they hear from Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Sean Hannity, or Bill O'Reilly back in the day; before a #meToo scandal took him off the airwaves;

Instead of seeking to understand; or admitting the truth that a lot of white people really do NOT know a lot of famous black people; b/c of the fact that whites Avoid Blacks as much as possible; Joe Pags, and others, are going with an entirely false narrative instead. Meanwhile, right now, tons of white people are UPSET that Dr. Manhattan on #Watchmen is a black man; they were livid he kept the black man's face after coming back to himself; they threw hissy fits over #LittleMermaid casting a black Ariel; threw hissy fits over the idea of making 007 Idris Elba; GOT upset when a black woman was named to be IN the new film; they are Unconcerned with Talent or Ability....

It's all about race.

Subjecting blacks to live in a society where race always matters; only to turn around and tell blacks stop making everything about race. This 'relationship' with blacks and whites, is not working out. Black people are not at fault ... blacks keep making adjustments to simply EXIST in white society; and white society continues to Terrorize, and troll Black America. Even when just having fun, laughing at the reality that we have entire celebrities whites have never heard of; even that has to be attacked by white people .... it's madness.

Pure, madness.

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