I recently signed up for BitTube to check it out. You all might like it also?

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BitTube made it easy to add my videos from YouTube over to their website. So far, I have almost no views but that is normal since my videos are mostly personal/boring projects that are not exactly super interesting or viral by any means.

The interesting thing is that I might be able to make some money when people watch my videos. The other cool thing is that unlike YouTube, I will be able to actually have control over that money even if it's only tiny amounts since the TUBE cryptocurrency is being used as the way to reward content creators and let people donate, etc. if they like my work.

Anyway, if anyone knows more about BitTube and can give me tips or potentially warnings about it, then let me know. I'm impressed with how easy it was to sign up and use it. They have done a good job on the design from what I have experienced and even though I have not been on it very long, I think it has a fair amount of potential as a video platform for people to use and enjoy.

Thank you for checking out this little blog post and have a wonderful day!

If you want to check out my videos over there then they are under the name Curious Nate and here is the link:


Hope to see you all here, there and everywhere! :)

Nate @lundgreenman

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