[PSA] You do not need to use a memo when sending out from an Exchange.

in bittrex •  3 months ago

I keep seeing users sending public and private keys when sending Steem/SBD from an exchange to their Steem account. I know there are some old posts suggesting sending your memo key. You do not need to do this and it is bad security to do so.

While a private memo key is fairly harmless, it can decrypt your private memos and others have sent private posting keys and even active keys.

Exchanges use the memo field when you are sending funds to them so they can tell what account to credit because everyone sends to their main account like bittrex they need some way to tell where it should go.

When you send only from an exchange, no further information is needed outside of the address to send to.

Get in the habit of not using keys in your outbound exchange transfers.


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Instead what they should be doing is DMing me their private keys on Discord...I will keep them as a safe backup for them.

Thanks for making it clear, it is really helpful information.

Sound advice, as it seems a lot of people aren't familiar with the word "optional" that appears next to the memo field, when you transfer out from bittrex.

And since there are scammers standing by with bots that scan everything all the time... it's best to just... NOT.

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