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in bittrex •  last year

Fortunately most people don't use Bing, but if you search for 'Bittrex' on do not click on the first result as in my screenshot below. You probably lose all your cryptocurrencies on if you login on this website.

The ad redirects you to Depending on the font you use you hardly see any difference between the lowercase letter l and the i.

I've filled out this form on, so hopefully they remove this phishing advertisement as soon as possible.

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Wow, thank you very much @penguinpablo, very important warning!

Thank you, good to make people aware. Upvoted!

Wow, that's so scary. So glad you caught that. Can't believe the level of scumbaggedness there is in the world sometimes! Everyone needs to know this. Resteeming.

Thank you for informing us about this, everyone should be very careful there are a lot of this out there.

Check the https

Invaluable post @penguinpablo, thanks for informing us.

Thanks for spreading the awareness @penguinpablo. Without this detailed explanation to make the difference between these two websites many people could loose their cryptocurrency without paying much attention to minor details like this. blttrex is the fake one which will scam people money. Beware of these guys.


Is this a new thing or it's been going on for a while? 😳😅


Ask @penguinpablo. He discovered Bittrex phishing attempt. I was just aware of it a few minutes ago.


Yeah sorry I assumed he would eventually read all the comments 😄

great job as usual.. I appreciate all you do for us at Steemit and others in crypto world with this post..

Thank you @penguinpablo This scam is kind of well made but fortunately there are peoples like you to find out the misspelling in the address bar. Today as crypto develop and attract so much money scams are developing too all around it. Thank you to bring awareness to peoples. Bing must take this advert down and be more careful about the links they publish. Thank you

Saw this on - I'm not using Bing, but thanks anyway for the heads up and thanks for steemnow - I really like it.

thanks for the warning

Spreading awareness... Resteemed.

Thank you for the information, I will resteem your post, so that the other friends in steemit. Can Know it.

OMG... thanks for the warning @penguinpablo.. i don't really use bing but still good of you to let us know :) Upvote for you!

thanks a lot

I have also heard of people seeing the same ad on Google. Only type in the URL!

Thanks for being aware and sharing the information about this phishing attempt. I hope Bing will remove this malvertisement soon.

Thanks for sharing with us man!

Thanks for updating us ........................... day by day this phishing advertisement increased

Wow that is good to know. I wonder how many got scammed with this. You can hardly tell the difference. Thanks for the heads up on it. Resteemed to hopefully make more people aware so they don't get taken by this scam. Thanks for helping make us aware.

An excellent comunity based post . People do need to know .

Good catch. Horrible for the people who are falling for this, as its an easy mistake. Damn scammers destroying people's lives sometimes...

everyone these days just beleive in frauding others....
thanks for the warning...!!!!

Its good to see that you are giving this community your valuable time. For good cause. Upvoted and good vibes to you mate.

How do you know if you've already accidentally logged in to it?


You can search your browser history if you have visited before.
If you're not sure, it is recommended to change your password on


Definitely 2-Factor Authenticator also
Thanks for the heads up as always Pablo (:


I would change the password then no worries...

Thank you for this information. :)

I actually have not done any exchanges yet and I signed up for bittrex few days ago and I always had my doubts since then , some of these websites take you to weird places where they will take everything from you , that's why it's better to research before proceeding. It's better to be safe than sorry

NIce Catch. I passed it along to my followers.

thanks for the info. note that spammers everywhere and after crypto coins

I wonder how such an obvious scam can get front page on A simple matter of paying Microsoft to get your scam link at first place?

Bing should prevent this from happening altogether. Who in their right mind would ever use bing if this kind of stuff gets through so easy?

Good PSA

Phishing is one of the most effective and the oldest way to gain access to someone else account. The victims are those who is not keen to detail.

Thanks for your share..i must be exchange my cryptocurrencies...nice post...and very ..very ..can help who all

Thank you for sharing this @penguinpablo... seems domain squatters trying to snare people are everywhere.

Found this by way of your "Steem Now" site; just letting you know the alerts do work.

Thanks for sharing with us.I am aiso using bittrex website for my cryptocurrency wallet.
A very helpful topic to future I will remain carefull about this.i am following you for more interesting posts.

I've seen this phishing attempt the other day, but the ''I'' was somewhat obvious in the URL section, but damn... this phishing scammers are smart af, the domain name looks the same as that of, but it's just not the one used, because when you click on it, you'll be redirected t their phishing site. I hope Bing blocks their CC and reports them to the authorities.

What a smart phishing scam, those scammers are so smart. Thank you for the crucial heads up. I hope bing can deal or have already dealt with this.

Bing is down anyways...

Thanks for getting the message out! I use Bing and Bittrex and am grateful you alerted us to this scam. I'm resteeming this so that more can see it and encourage everyone else to resteem it also.

You know what is so frustrating about scams like these? Even people who are well aware of how these scams operate can easily slip up and enter their login info on a bogus site. Most people who are on the internet alot are very familiar with their browser and do things like clicking links, typing in searches, etc. incredibly fast. It becomes second nature. This sort of thing can happen to anyone.

I always bookmark all of my sites and navigate to them that way. Depending on your habits it is super easy to forget to do this but it will save you from getting burned.

clever! ... this makes me angry! I can believe people purposely do that. Thanks so much for sharing.

Well done, nice spot.

thanks for the heads up! People are slick lol

And remember to use 2FA!

Thanks for helping cryptocurrencies community especially this awesome steemit community

Thank you very much Sir @penguinpablo has shared this posting about, to be honest I just know that if we open a Bittrex in Bing then it could be that the balance we will be lost. and luckily I never use bing to open bittrex. great help Sir. Thank you.

God bless for this vital information, but thank God I dont use for any of my search request.

Thank you for Enlightening US


yes there is a fake bittrex , this scam site is located in USA

great job

Very usefull ok!

God blesses u dude. you share very important news to keep us away from crypto stealer

Little bit confused , its been 2h+ and my steam funds on Bittrex are still frozen for '' Maintenance ''

Is this expected behaviour?
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upvoted please follow me and upvote

Thanks man you saved my day