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RE: [WARNING] NuBits - The price stable currency... until it’s NOT!!

in #bitshares6 years ago

The update tells me how important it is to have a lower bound ensure by force settlement in BitShares.
Anyone selling below parity in BitShares is making a loss and Merchants can still be sure to get parity for their bitUSD.


You should make a post regarding this information and really lay out the mechanisms that make it tick; i like trading but all the force settlement, short squeeze protection and other intricacy that are in the BitUSD market were really baffling and i think others must be in the same boat.

Even just you comment above i would love to hear a bit more detail; think it would be best in it's own post so that gets some active discussion; feel free to reference this post or use my chart images if your decide to go ahead with it.
i know you have the knowledge to fully explain it and it probably seems simple to you being so close to the platform.

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