PeerPlays Providing Code for Profit Sharing

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By the end of last week, PeerPlays Inc has published
their work on
profit sharing using the Graphene Toolkit.

The [explicit commit](
profitshare/commit/2aae8a47d8926a7e0f2a9973635eade78fa24eda) has been written
by Blocktrades, can be found on github and may,
after proper audit, be included into the BitShares code base aswell (assuming
BitShares shareholders approve a network upgrade to include these new

From the code, we can see that the profit sharing can be used to pay out
dividends to holders of a particular asset. It seems that all profits need to
be send to a specifiy account from which profits are shared to their
respective shareholders at the given payout intervals.

The code comes with a couple new blockchain operations:

  • asset_dividend_distribution_operation: Virtual operation that takes asset, company account and amount to distribute among shareholders
  • asset_update_dividend_operation: Is used to update the assets's dividend-specific options and takes issuer, asset to update and the set of options consisting of next payout time and payout interval.

The commit also comes with a new command for the cli_wallet called
update_dividend_asset. It seems that it can be used like this:

update_dividend_asset SYMBOL new_Options true

Profits can be shared at most every maintenance interval (1hr).

We are looking forward to see this code audited properly and run in action!


Im so happy with my 120 Peerplays coins :D

Bring it on! Before the newcomer chains take over totally!

Thank you !

That is pretty exciting! Does peerplay intend to provide games app on directly?

Considering the question it would be up to Steemit Inc. if they wanted to do such an integration, it would not be something Peerplays can decide on. The platform is open to the potential for it, and would fit nicely with our sidechain for graphene chains. There are many tournaments with content I can think of that could bring a new element of gamification to Steemit users.

Yeh, that would be sweet!

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