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Hmm I'll have to research again what Bitshares are, I remeber learning about it but I forgot...
Uh Why are people being downvoted here??

What is the BitShares Blockchain Foundation?

Hey Xeroc, I wanted to apologize for something. This happened quite some time ago, but I posted an article on bitshares and it got flagged by you. You commented and respectfully told me why you did. I was very new to the platform at the time and got upset. Just wanted to say sorry if I didn't take the criticism well. It was definitely a learning experience for me.

Looking forward to more bitshares content.

I am your new fan from Austria, cheers 🍻 Eigentlich können wir eh Deutsch schreiben!
Ich finde Ihr Artikel toll obwohl ich es gestern zum ersten Mal Ihr Artikel gesehen habe, 🎩 up!

Thank you @xeroc!!!