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RE: The Origin of BitShares Rides Again

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"BitShares and Steemit are great, but they are not exactly rocket science."

Put they are for me... still very new to all this.
Thanks for the posts!


That's just a quote I use to yank the developers' chains.

Actually the technology behind this is every bit as tricky as rocket science.

Which is worse, a tiny smoking crater on Mars or losing the nest eggs of 50,000 grandmas ?

I'm totally new to this.
Obviously the money (or value) doesn't come from people writing valuable stuff here, it comes from interactions somehow. How this is made to produce value is beyond me. It's what baffles me about BitCoin or any other cryptocurrency. And truth be told, I don't really get how the monetary system works either. I used to believe I can just walk in the pank and change my money to gold, but it's not an option even. It's like every money is backed by hot air nowadays and big panks are printing each year billions more. Just crazy to think that money doesn't actually have any value whatsoever except the value we believe it should have.
Now... keeping all that in mind I had this crazy Idea for another cryptocurrency. What's even more popular than blogging? Gaming. Why not create a cryptocurrency which is tied to some gamestreaming or online gaming. I mean, why not? If we are already here.
Just my thought right now. I have so much to learn about the monetary system and cryptocurrencies...

Check out PeerPlays, also based on BitShares' Graphene technology.

Good series on your questions about money.

That's a good video. Thanks!!!