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RE: The Origin of BitShares Rides Again

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Yes, for many reasons. It's really real money and suggestive of a beautifully perfect digital currency.
But the biggest is the Sic Semper Tyrannus state motto of Virginia!

Although I like Chris Duane's Silver Shield updated artwork MUCH better!

Semper Fi


Did you read my post on silver like a week ago? It starts off a little slow at the start with stuff you probably already know, but around half way down starts to get good and I also address what type of numbers for metals are actually plausible without hyperinflation, unlike some numbers you see tossed around by people such as Max Keiser and Greg Mannarino (it's past payout date, so no, I'm not trying to garner profits lol):

I also invited David Duke to your website to test it's censorship resistance LOL:

Upvoted your back up the truck article as soon as I saw it. Loved it.

We just have to get out of the era of paper silver which is siphoning off real demand on a 100:1 basis. That alone predicts a 100x pop when people stop trusting paper silver.

Don't tell Dan or Satoshi, I mean this blockchain stuff is cool and all, but my fantasy is to drive a boat around, then get off the thing and buy stuff with silver bullion haha.