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RE: BitShares Hangout #37 - 2017-09-08 - OpenSource Agenda @1:00PM UTC [Beyondbit Payouts Powered by SP!]

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Nice way to earn steem power and coin!
I have no problem spending 60 minutes, even a day. Topics in my mind and discuss in PM.
Keep continue discussion. Also, I am ready to start as soon I have all information.
But I believe the most important topics How we can increase steemit coin value like bitcoin.

Steem it need mining system. Details have planned already discussing.

And site health protection. There are several projects in my mind. Just need to see which one we can start as soon as possible.


this is a little bit off topic for the bitshares hangout, but it does help in many ways for steem and bitshares to synergize! That is what whaletank is for :)

oh yea. actually the comment before know all the details. however vision always clear. just need to chain coin name and yes together thinking as well :D